Lyft seeks potential drivers in Natchitoches


By Hannah Richardson,

If you’re without transportation, you might find a transportation network company (TNC) to be extremely helpful. One such TNC, Lyft, hosted a meeting in Natchitoches Friday, Sept. 27 at Merci Beacoup in an effort to educate the community, answer questions and talk to locals about driving for the company.

Lyft, based in San Franciso, operates in 640 cities in the United States and six in Canada. To use Lyft, riders can download the mobile app and request rides from designated Lyft drivers. “Drivers can fill out an application at, where drivers will need to be 21 or older, hold a valid driver’s license, complete a third-party background check to screen for criminal offenses and driving incidents, proof of insurance and more,” said Lyft Louisiana Manager Eli Ackerman.

“Nationally, drivers make $15.42/hour on average (including idle time they experience while waiting for requests). When they are driving to a passenger’s pick-up and destination points, they make $30.16/hour on average.”

Ackerman said the TNC is looking to connect with the Natchitoches community and encourage those interested to sign up as drivers. “Because Lyft provides a flexible earning opportunity, we find that many drivers turn to Lyft when it fits best with their schedules. We want to have enough drivers that Lyft continues to be a reliable, affordable transportation option for riders throughout the Natchitoches area,” said Ackerman. Ackerman also mentioned Friday’s meeting was a great introduction to the community. “We’re always excited to meet face-to-face with drivers who haven’t visited our driver support center in New Orleans.

The interactions are valuable for us as we grow throughout Louisiana,” he said. Ackerman said they are committed to having more opportunities to work with Natchitoches and its community of drivers.