Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Oct. 26, 2019


JT was sure hoping for a run-off in the Sheriff’s race. No…it wasn’t for what you might be thinking. It was simply because the property tax notices would probably have been delayed being sent until after the run-off.

That would have given us until mid-November to see how hard would we be hit. During election cycles, it sure seems that the tax notices are sent out later than normal.

Since there was no runoff, the notices went within days of the election results. The opposite was true though over in Winn Parish, because those parish tax notices were sent out prior to the election. Sheriff Cranford Jordan must have really felt confident of his re-election.


Speaking of the runoffs. The Governor’s race has amped up its negativity…by both contenders. Political pundits are saying Gov. John Bel Edwards is in trouble because nearly all the runoff elections are Republican candidates facing off against one another. That means the Democrats don’t have much reason to go to the polls. Maybe that’s why he’s hired people with national ties to manage his get out and vote campaign.

JT still thinks Gov. Edwards has the edge and it’s his to lose. He did get 47 percent of the vote in the first round. One insider told JT that challenger Eddie Rispone couldn’t count all of the votes that went to fellow Republican Ralph Abraham in the primary. They say maybe 30 percent of Abraham’ votes are loyal Republicans and will go to Rispone.

That leaves 70 percent of them left to fight over. And with a small turnout expected, that means even fewer votes to fight over. JT suspects that with the negativity being ramped up by the time the election gets here, many voters won’t like either one of candidates. ——-