Ancient owners haunt the house on East Carroll

The ghost has a habit of staring from an upstairs window into the backyard overlooking the pool. Photos by Barbara Holland

By Barbara Holland, Coushatta Citizen

This time of year people’s thoughts turn to ghosts, goblins and spirits. For the owner of the Leo Abbington house and his sister, their thoughts are always turned that way. The home, located on East Carroll Street, Coushatta, has always had the reputation of being haunted.

There is a woman who is not very friendly and a man who loves to look out the window overlooking the pool. They are believed to have owned the home many years ago. Their pictures hang on the wall in one of the front rooms.

The current owner, Michael Nomellini, has owned the home for over 20 years. His sister, Patti Dimond, has lived with him the last four. Both are familiar with the ghosts living among them. The man has been seen fleetingly looking out a window on the second floor overlooking the pool. Many mornings, Mike and Patti have seen the window shade opened in that window, when it was closed when they went to bed. He doesn’t seem to want to harm anyone.

The woman is another story. She appears to be hostile, especially to Patti. Once when walking from the second floor to the first, Patti says she felt a shove in her back and fell down the stairs. On these same steps, there are bloodstains that cannot be removed no matter how hard one scrubs them. Patti says, “The ghosts are most active in October. On the last day of the month they gather in the dining room for a party. We have even heard their music playing.”

To add to the mystery, a little boy appeared at the house in the 1860s during the Civil War. He was from the North, was very ill and eventually died. Not wanting his body to be mutilated by soldiers, the family walled his body up in a fireplace.

According to Patti, former owner Leo Abbington died in the house and lay there for several days before the housekeeper found him.

Despite all the stories surrounding the house, it is a beautiful and interesting structure. Built in 1864, some of the wooden cabinets and French doors are original.

Hanging in the hallway is a framed copy of the Los Angeles Examiner dated April 16, 1912. The entire front page covers the sinking of the Titanic. Inside a closet a piece of the floor appears to be soft. When the boards were removed it was found to have originally been a tunnel that ran underground to the Red River.

It is reported that the owners helped slaves escape during the Civil War.

The back yard is an oasis. A 12 feet deep pool is the focal point, with walking paths throughout the yard. There are statues and artwork placed strategically all around. The area gives one a feeling of serenity.

The house is on the market. Anyone purchasing the property needs to know that the ghosts stay with the home.