A ‘fine’ opportunity returns to the library


Each November the Natchitoches Parish Library (NPL) has offered an opportunity for patrons to give back to the community and simultaneously reduce fines on their accounts. Again this year, the NPL is offering “Fine For(GIVING),” an expanded program that will allow for donations all through November and December with many different items able to be donated.

Patrons can donate canned goods, which must be clean, unexpired, and at least 8 ounces, for a $2 reduction in fines per can. Donations will be given to local food banks, which see increaseduse during the holiday season. New and gently used jackets can be donated for a $15 reduction per jacket. These will be donated to the Natchitoches Parish Fire Department for local distribution. The NPL will also be accepting dog and cat food for a $2 reduction per can and $5 per 5 pounds of dry food, to be given to the Natchitoches Humane Society. New and Unopened toys will be accepted for a $10 reduction and will be given to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Department. All of the above fine reductions may only be applied to overdue or late fines, not lost or damaged items, or other account charges.

For those with lost or damaged item charges (excluding laptops, mobile hotspots, and launchpads) the NPL will also be accepting new or gently used costumes for a $15 reduction or $5 if only a partial costume (mask/cape/etc.). This can be applied towards overdue fines, late fines, and non-electronic lost or damaged item charges. Costumes will be cleaned and circulated at the NPL next October.

All items may be donated at any Circulation Desk at the Main Branch (Natchitoches) or Northeast Branch (Campti) of the library.