Just Talkin’ for Oct. 31, 2019


The drought is over for the NSU Demons Football team. It took eight weeks and overtime, but the Demons knocked off a nationally ranked team with a two-point conversion for their first victory of the season. Congrats to the entire football team, Head Coach Brad Laird and his coaching staff on their victory over Incarnate Word.

The Demons are headed to McNeese this week and will return home to Turpin Stadium Nov. 9 when they host the Lamar Cardinals. Speaking of the Demons, basketball season is just around the corner. In fact, tonight there’s a free intra-scrimmage at Prather Coliseum at 5:30 p.m. The first home game of the season will be Tuesday, Nov. 5 when the Demons host Centenary at 5:30 p.m.


JT is sure glad the state passed a law against driving and texting….it just didn’t go far enough. The law should probably go on to include using cell phones while on the roadways. More than once JT has heard the honking of car horns at a red light trying to get the driver ahead to get moving. In nearly all the cases JT has witnessed, the stopped driver appeared to be busy either texting or looking at messages and didn’t know the light had changed.


JT attended the Pumpkin Glow Tuesday night. The dance and tumbling teams put on quite the show, in spite of the dreary, drizzly weather. They were in front of the stage on the bricks that were slippery. Only one dancer slipped, and quickly got back up and jumped right back into her routine. Kudos to her for not missing a beat.

JT held his breath as the NSU stunt team hefted NFA members high, very high, into the air. They all really showed their level of training, and trust, for their team members and the NSU athletes. As always the middle and high school orchestra performances were top notch.

JT enjoyed seeing the students in costumes as they performed. It made for quite the visual spectacle. The pumpkin entries were unique, fun, whimsical and downright frightening. Parents and spectators took the weather in stride and just popped up umbrellas. There are quite some talented, and imaginative, painters and carvers in this area. Maybe they should apply to be on Halloween Wars!