Mayor Posey confirms no vote on annexation ordinance


Mayor Lee Posey confirmed Tuesday that there will be no vote on an annexation ordinance at the Nov. 25 City Council meeting.

The annexation ordinance was introduced at the City Council meeting Oct. 28. Posey said at that meeting that the annexation was not initiated by the City but by residents of the Monroe Drive area after a petition was submitted requesting the annexation. Of the 112 names on the petition, only 87 resided within the proposed annexation area.

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Only 46 of the original petitioners owned or lived on property in the area proposed for annexation. Of the total 112, one person was deceased, seven or eight had moved and several revoked their original signature desiring annexation. After the annexation ordinance was introduced, opponents were able to obtain the names of 42 additional people against the annexation.

Opponents believe that the names submitted to the City were originally on a petition first circulated in 2017 and many were not current.