Natchitoches Police Dept. arrests (Nov. 9, 2019)


Derrick Roberson, b/m, 35, simple burglary, simple battery.

Annissa Toussaint, b/f, 40, domestic abuse battery.

CS&M Storage

Robert Burr, b/m, 37, remaining on premises

Fredush Knox, b/f, 18, FTA

Michael Pikes, b/m, 29, simple battery

Angel Keene, w/f, 22, simple battery

Lavar Toussaint, b/m, 19, FTA

Rodney Washington Frazier, b/m,, FTA

Melise Calhoun, b/f, 34 theft

Carlos Martinez, w/m, 41, domestic abuse battery

Broderick Brown, b/m, 23, theft


Mary Stewart, w/f, 25, theft over $5,000

Rickey Bradley, b/m, 53, FTA/theft

Christopher Melder, w/m, 39, probation/parole violation.

Jerome Pikes, b/m, 42, resisting by false information

Janson Lillie, b/m, 38, resisting an officer, flight from an officer, reckless operation, stop sign, open container, no driver’s license

Sean Rachal, w/m,23, simple burglary

Greg Demars, b/m, 20, resisting an officer

Heather Long, w/f, 34, theft


Steven Edwards, w/m, 32, theft

Derrick Sawyer, b/m, 32, theft

Janson Lillie, b/m, 39 FTA

Shawn Morrow, b/m, 25, theft

Nicklas L. Flakes, b/m, 18, possession of Sch. I – marijuana

Jemarion Banks, b/m, 21, Coushatta, possession of sch. I-marijuana

Andre Perrow, b/m, 20, possession of sch. I-marijuana

Briana Bolton, b/f, 25, FTA


Jimmy R. Evans, b/m, 40, 4 counts FTA

Christopher Scott Vanhook, w/m, 35, 2 counts FTA

Terence Ray Johnson, b/f, 54, loud music

Darron Petite, b/m, 50, domestic abuse battery child endangerment


Adam Shirley, w/m, 31, 2 counts possession of CDS I w/intent, 2 counts possession of cds IV w/intent, 2 counts possession of cds II w/intent, possession of drug paraphernalia Breanna Lacey, b/f, 24, theft

Curtis Johnson, w/m, 29, simple burglary.

Ernest Jefferson, b/m, 52, simple possession of sch. I

Frederick Benjamin, b/m, 46, simple burglary

Dereginald Perrow, b/m, 33, possession of stolen firearm, possession of firearm by convicted felon.

Cordell Early, b/m, 23, FTA.