Natchitoches Police Department arrests (Nov. 16-17, 2019)


Brady D. Powell, b/m, 31, hit and run, filing a false police report

Emily Moore, w/f, 45, identity theft.

Michael Morrow, b/m, 35, theft.

Bryan King, b/m, 31, attempted burglary, resisting


Ricky Culbert, b/m, 3, domestic abuse battery.

Timothy Henderson, b/m, 32, possession of sch. II, possession of sch. I, possession of drug paraphernalia

Antoine Mitchell, b/m, 33, 2 counts violation of a protective order

Shawn Morrow, b/m, 35, telephone harassment

Quanteria Allen, b/f, 24, identity theft.

David Winchester, b/m, 69, theft

Darion Mitchell, b/m, 33, 3 counts possession of sch. II, resisting, 2 counts possession of sch. I

Thomas Payton, b/m, 50, 2 counts FTA

Rodrickas Jackson, b/m, 36, possession of a firearm by felon, driving w/out a license, possession of sch. I, aggravated flight from an officer.

Roderick Houston Jr., b/m, 18, possession of sch. I

Thomas Payton, b/m, 50, 2 coutns FTA

Djonte Solitaire, b/m, 21, theft

Chaquita Coleman, b/f, 30, theft

Keith Randolph, b/m, 52, theft

Amber Walker, w/f, 25, theft

Tanya Rachal, b/f, FTA

Rodney Frazier, b/m, 40, no driver’s license, open container, resisting an officer, turn signal, improper lane usage


Major Fisher, b/m, 30, simple battery, FTA

Austin Johnson, b/m, 19, simple possession of sch. I

T’keyah Hickmon, b/f, 28, simple possession of marijuana

Marcus Johnson, b/m, 26, driving under suspension

Antoine Mitchell, b/m, 33, FTA

Christopher Braden, b/m, 27, simple possession

Orlando Bernstine, b/f, 45, FTA, theft

Decary Reliford, b/m, 33, possession of marijuana, resisting

Tearra Wheeler, b/f, 29, 2 counts possession of a stolen firearm


TaRanesha L. Johnson, b/f, 34, 9 counts FTA

Keyairra Mitchell, b/f, 20, simple criminal damage to property.