Scarves for Markay


The sisters of the PEO Sisterhood, Chapter AU, have a special way of remembering one of their sisters, the late Markay Cunningham. Markay was known for her stylish dress that included colorful scarves. Her husband, Peyton Cunningham Jr., and daughter, Markay Stroud, presented a basket of her scarves to Chapter AU so each member could select one as a personal remembrance of Markay. They donned the scarves at the Nov. 6 meeting at the historic Cunningham Law Office. Seated at right are Lisa Prudhomme and Peggy Williams. Standing are Carolyn Roy, Gina Puls, Charlotte Cross, Denise Thomas, Lisa Salter, Kathy Guin, Carolyn Rivers, Kathy Richmond, Arleen Mayeux, Rosie Finical, Judy Murphy, Becky Osborn, Anita James, Janice Paul, Sue Sklar, Rena Beaudouin, Patricia Todd, Holly Methvin, Polly Wyndham,  Liz Simmons  and Brenda Rinehart.  Not pictured is president Nancy Rutledge.