Sensory Santa returns Dec. 14


Sensory Santa is coming to town!

For the second consecutive year, there will be an opportunity for those with special needs and their families to visit Santa Claus during a private and free meeting. Spots need to be reserved. There will be no crowds, no loud music and there will be dim lighting. There will also be weighted blankets and fidget toys available and wheelchair access. Each family is given one-on-one time with Santa for 15 minutes along with pictures. There will also be adaptive seating so that children with limited transfer abilities can sit with Santa without their wheelchairs.

The loving and understanding Sensory Santa will be at the CPT Building on LSMSA’s campus Saturday, Dec. 14 from 3-6 p.m. To reserve your spot, call organizers Brook Lewis at (318) 652-4400 or Heidi Journey at (256) 425-7101.

Both Lewis and Journey are occupational therapists and this is the event’s second year. “We are organizing Sensory Santa for children with special needs in Natchitoches and surrounding areas. Sensory Santa is our way of reaching out and helping spread holiday cheer to families that often are underserved during the holiday season,” said Lewis. “Many children, including those who have Autism, have sensory processing disorder. This includes sensitivity to loud noises, crowds, bright lights, and unfamiliar textures. We aim to help children experience meeting Santa by reducing the amount of stimulus they would encounter with a mall Santa and providing adaptive equipment.”