City of Natchitoches online bill pay customers notified of possible breach


The City of Natchitoches contacted online bill pay customers stating there was a recent event with Click2Gov, the City’s utility payment website, in which card data from a user’s browser window during a transaction could have been compromised.  Customers enrolled in the auto pay system were not affected. The “at risk” dates are between Aug. 30 and Oct. 14.

Customers were notified because their card information could have been compromised during this event if they meet both of the following criteria:

  • Card user made utility payment between the dates mentioned above
  • Card user’s computer browser or phone had also been compromised during the online transaction

The City has been notified by Central Square Technologies that steps have been taken to prevent unauthorized person(s) from obtaining data directly from the webpage.  The City recommends anyone who received this notification to take the following steps to prevent vulnerability in the future.

  • Update your computer browser or phone browser
  • Contact your bank to reissue your credit/debit card
  • Ask your bank if they offer push notifications or text alerts options anytime you complete a transaction.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact City Hall at 318-352-2772.