Just Talkin’ (Nov. 14, 2019)

Soon to retire Parish Councilman from District One, Doug deGraffenreid, whose daytime job is the minister at the First Methodist Church, in a condescending gesture, opened his clergy robe at the early morning service Sunday and underneath was a purple LSU pull pullover.
He was wearing the shirt to recognize LSU’s victory in Saturday’s football game over Alabama. The Reverend hails from Alabama and would have been much more comfortable wearing something that read, “Roll Tide.” He added that he has owned the LSU shirt for eight years, but not had not has a chance to wear it!
Of course, if he wanted to really impress the congregation he would wear an NSU sweater under his robe sometime.
With the cold weather approaching, JT sure misses clotheslines.
Remember up until the 1950s you would use them to dry your laundry.
JT remembers them well because his grandmother had a big rosemary bush beside the clotheslines and when the bed sheets were dry she would drape them briefly over the herb bush, then iron them. The refreshing sent stayed with the sheets and they sure made bedtime inviting.
The other reason JT misses the clothesline is because all the winter garments would be hung on them to air out and to get rid of the caustic mothball smell.
Twice this season already, JT has been in a crowd and the mothball odor has stopped up his nose. A short time on a clothesline would have gotten rid of the smell, and everyone could breathe better!
JT is as guilty as anyone of jumping on the bandwagon when something new catches his eye. Well, there is one bandwagon JT is more than ready to jump off of, even though he never really jumped on it in th first place.
His Facebook feed has been overtaken by a woman screaming at a smart alec cat. That meme has literally taken over. Only once did JT get a chuckle and that was when the woman screamed “Alexandria” and the cat retorted “Elleck.”
Now the meme has been run in the ground and new memes touting “This must stop” have emerged.
Yep, time to jump off that particular bandwagon before it falls off a cliff!