Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office – Nov. 21-Dec. 4


Nov. 21-Dec. 1


Michael White, 26,wm, illegal possession of stolen things and theft

Laportia Allen, 21 (bf), contempt of court

Janet Prestidge, 44 (wf), criminal trespass


Dewayne Miller, 28 (bm), attempted second degree murder

William Cleveland, 79 (bm), driving under the influence and general speed law


Nicholas Daniels, 23 (bm), contempt of court


Donte Jackson, 22 (bm), contempt of court

Devonaire Jones, 31 (bm), speeding, reckless operation of a vehicle, and resisting an officer

Glenn Currier, 47 (wm), animals at large

Brandon James, 42 (bm), contempt of court

Alexis Deville, 23 (wf), possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia

Sergio Gonzalez, 29 (m), driving under the influence, driving left of center, and possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle

Ashley Orr, 32 (wf), animals at large

Shamesha Howard, 38 (bf), violation of protective orders, domestic abuse battery, and simple criminal damage to property

Lauren Leone, 25 (wf), possession of schedule IV

Joey Monette

Joey Monette, 26 (bm), filing false public records

Samuel Bush, 44 (bm), stalking, and cyber harassment

Tristan Gauthier, 23 (wm), driving under suspension for certain prior offenses

Joey Monette, 26 (bm), filing false public records

Jontavius Marshall, 18 (bm), theft of a motor vehicle

Kaleb Poche, 21 (wm), aggravated criminal damage to property

Marcella Ogunmayin, 38 (wf), driving under the influence, careless operation, possession schedule III, and possession of schedule IV

Lamar Tabb, 38 (bm), contempt of court, speeding, and driving under suspension


Daryl Johnson, 46 (bm), contempt of court

Rob Moore, 28 (bm), contempt of court

Kendrick Newton, 32 (bm), probation violation

Brittany Morris, 28 (bf), stalking and cyber harassment

Ashley Brown, 30 (bf), stalking and cyber harassment


Jeffrey Hammond, 33 (wm), contempt of court

Walter Gay, 67 (bm), contempt of court

Bryant Remo, 30 (bm), driving under the influence and operating a vehicle while under suspension for a certain prior offense, and careless operation


Dec. 2-4:

Everett Hunt, 20 (wm), theft

Cimone Triggs, 31 (bf), contempt of court

Aerion Brown, 19 (bm), contempt of court

Eddie Scallion, 22 (wm), unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

Jimmy Gordon, 54 (wm), driving under the influence, driving left of center, and possession of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle

Hylan Wells, 62 (wf), issuing worthless checks

Clarence Joines, 29 (wm), contempt of court

Albert Graves Jr., 53 (wm), contempt of court

Charles Addison, 60 (bm), possession of schedule II

Justin Kerry, 32 (wm), domestic abuse battery

Brett Mobley, 46 (wm), contempt of court

Buckey Adams, 51 (wm), contempt of court

Malik Edwards, 20 (bm), reckless operation of a vehicle, and driving under suspension


Melise Calhoun, 34 (bf), illegal transmission of monetary funds, illegal possession of stolen things, and identity theft

Taylor Jacobs, 28 (wm), driving under the influence, speeding, following too closely, and driving left of center