Marriage Licenses – November


Rebekah Faith Whatley and Brandon Lee Young

Kim Ann Patton and Charles Stephen Wiggins

Jessica Ann Aguillard and Chad Ray Fuller

Mary Grace Pierce and William Terry Prothro II

Robert Earl McBride and Jordan Devan Mitchell

Sarah Alice Gant and Brandon Shantonio Below

Hayley Brooke Weems and Zachary Tyler Metoyer

Rebecca Lynn Denham and Kenneth Carmen Maggio

Ellen Ashley White and Ann Marie Wade

Shannon Michelle Smith and Hunter Miley Hendrix

Anna Marcella Faust and Jess Wheeler McFerrin

Jacqueline Simone Pier and Nycole Nadarria Sterling

Cynthia Rachelle Corley and Gulley Ray Gordon

Brooke Ashleigh Shirley and Bayden Michael Sanders

Brianna Darlene Cox and Jonathan Bret Chism

Susan Christina Jarnagin and Rickey Lynn Desadier

Michelle Boatwright and Dillon Ray Oien

Tiffany Elise Roque and Percy Creuzot IV