McMurtry lawsuit against Parish Government dismissed

Rick Nowlin, Parish President

There was a hearing in the 10th Judicial District Count Dec. 10 in connection with the lawsuit filed against the Parish of Natchitoches and the Parish President by Mr. Alan McMurtry regarding the Parish’s administration of the Parish highway department and related budgetary matters.

At the conclusion of the hearing, ad hoc Judge Bruce Bolin issued a ruling that dismissed the lawsuit. The Parish is gratified by the decision of the court which found that the Parish President had the legal authority to take the actions challenged by the McMurtry lawsuit.

Those actions were taken to implement road repairs made necessary by extreme wet weather conditions and the inability of the Parish to purchase repair material from its normal supplier.

The Parish wishes to express its sincere appreciation to District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington and Assistant District Attorney Steven P. Mansour for the outstanding legal work done in their representation of the Parish and the President in this case.

Over the past five months, the Parish and President expended significant time and resources in the defense of what is considered to be a frivolous lawsuit. The same could be said for the Office of the District Attorney.

It would have been far better to have spent the time and resources addressing the bad road conditions in the Parish and other pressing legal matters in the D.A.’s office.

Rick Nowlin

Parish President