Just Talkin’ for Dec. 19, 2019


JT won’t argue that professional athletes get too much attention and certainly too much money. But as one online editorial said, this week athletes are bringing bright spots to what some say is a dismal year for the State. There may be a few folks who missed the tearful acceptance speech of Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow. Who could have known that a couple of sentences could have such an impact?

“Burreaux” mentioned that his hometown and the area in Athens County, Ohio, was an impoverished area where some kids were hungry after school. It wasn’t long after his tearful acceptance speech that donations to the Athens Food Bank began pouring in. As of this writing on Tuesday, the food bank had received over $384,000 with much more expected.

Motel 6

A food bank employee said many of the donations were from Louisiana. The Children’s Services in Athens County has begun receiving toys and other gifts for the local kids. If you didn’t watch the acceptance speech, look it up online. It’s worth the time and effort.

The Advocate editorial says it best; “What Burrow said was a lovely gift for the holiday, something to treasure because it touched on themes all too rare in public discourse these days: humility, comradery, compassion for others.”

And Monday night, who wouldn’t be moved by the sight of Drew Brees blowing kisses to the crowd in the Superdome after he broke the record for career passing touchdowns. He also set another record with 29-of-30 passes for 307 yards and four touchdowns. It’s just football but both men bring a sense of honor and pride to our state.

What can you say about the three Parish Council members who didn’t show up for the meeting Monday? A phone call would have been nice. Although Rodney Bedgood did telephone, his absence, with that of Russell Rachal and Doug deGraffenreid, resulted in no quorum and no meeting.

Some at the meeting were clamoring for them to give back the $500 they will receive for the meeting but that’s not likely to happen. We can only hope that come Jan. 13, there will be a change in attitude and surge ahead for good parish government.