Chiefs and Tigers meet for a friendly duel

NCHS’s Sharissa Johnson is focused on her 315 pound squat. Note that she uses a weight belt and compression squat suit to support her back for safety.

Story and photos by Marco Clark, exclusive to the Times

The Natchitoches Central Chiefs hosted a friendly powerlifting meet with crosstown rival St. Mary’s Tigers. The two school hometown competition was an intimate and personable one. The participants needed only to focus on one team rather than several different teams, making it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

The wait between lifts for the individuals was shorter allowing the members to stay loose and warm in-between lifts. Usually, the more teams that complete means the lifter may wait 15 minutes or longer before they have another attempt. During the wait, the lifter cools off and potentially gets distracted.  Coach John Dougherty echoed the sentiment.

He explained after the meet concluded that he and all the coaches for both teams were extremely proud of the effort put forth by all the participants. Dougherty said there were no losers, only winners and that everyone competing Saturday got better and prepared themselves for the upcoming powerlifting meets this season.