Just Talkin’ for Dec. 24, 2019


As we finish up our Christmas gift exchanges with family and friends this week, JT hopes everyone’s year finishes on a good note. In fact he hopes your New Year will be as good as or better than the past year for you and your family. Speaking of the “New Year,” JT is hearing rumors that Sheriff Victor Jones might not wait until the designated date of June 30 to hang up his spurs.

A couple weeks ago, without really any explanation, the Sheriff named his successor Stuart Wright as the new Chief Deputy. (That’s the number two spot in sheriff’s office hierarchy.) The way the announcement was worded, it indicated Stuart would hold the post until he was sworn in June 30, if not before. Reading between the lines, it was hinted that Sheriff Jones would retire and turn over the reins as soon as Stuart wanted them.

NRMC – Dr. Akhtar – Sept. 2022 – 300×250


JT doesn’t know what the graduating class size was this weekend, but based on traffic Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it had to be huge. At first he thought it was an influx of tourists, but realized there sure were a lot of purple being worn…that’s when he realized it was the graduates and their families. Even JT’s “go-to” parking spots were filled. It was nice though, to see the streets filled with people, many of who were carrying packages.


If there’s one thing JT has learned this season about the Saints, it’s that you have to watch the entire game. Too much happens in the last half. Missed calls, bad calls, come from behind victories, records being broken…it’s exhausting. But a Saints win followed by a Cowboy’s loss…that just made a for a great Sunday afternoon.


Since we are on football….JT hopes our LSU Tigers don’t let all the hype and awards distract them from the game against Oklahoma on Saturday. There have certainly been a lot of outside influences to take their minds away from business at hand, but hopefully by kick off at 3 p.m., they’ll be focused on the task at hand. As Coach Orgeron so frequently says at the end of interviews…Geaux Tigers.