Batiste announces candidacy

Lawrence Batiste

I am Lawrence Batiste, City Council District 4. Holding the City of Natchitoches’ District 4 Councilman Seat has been challenging and results oriented for the citizens of the District 4 and personally.

The past four years has provided outcomes outlined four years ago: better Streets in the District as Dixie and Berry streets in Bailey Heights, Welch Street leading to two educational buildings in Breda Town, and the serious problem that had developed on Breda Street.

NRMC – Dr. Akhtar – Sept. 2022 – 300×250

It took money from a tax initiative that corrected long existing infrastructure conditions (Brown Water) and upgrades for city parks and adults (and their pets) and children. I have attempted to use a collaborative method with the citizenry an d the other members of the City Council.

I have tried to answer the questions asked about the governmental operations of the City including: Law enforcement, utilities, and garbage pick-up.

When given the chance for a second term on the City Council, there are several issues that are on the front burner: Parc Natchitoches for Baseball, Softball, and Soccer; A City Bridge system across Cane River Lake, downtown; and increased earning for working people in the city of Natchitoches through tax revenues.

I will need your Support. Thank you for the Opportunity. (unedited political announcement)