Times Talk – Parc Natchitoches, UPS driver charges


When the story about Parc Natchitoches hit social media, we heard your questions and posed some of them to City Chief of Staff Edd Lee for answers.

We also spoke to Winnfield Sheriff Cranford Jordan concerning the arrest of the UPS driver charged with rape.

Q: Mark Koebernik: When will the park be open to the public and what will be its operating hours?

A: Edd Lee: The opening should be in the next few weeks.  We have discussed opening the gates at 6 a.m. and closing at 10 p.m., but this is not final.

Q: Pepper Seward Lloyd: Since its for the community to use will kids be allowed to go hit at the field or use the batting cages when a game isn’t happening?

A: Edd Lee: As far as the fields go, they will not be open to practice/hitting/fielding at anyone’s convenience. They would need to schedule this with the Recreation Director, Kevin Warner.   The batting cages will be open during normal hours with the exception of days the facility is being rented. During our league games the cages will be used by the teams playing.


Q: Becca Bates: There is never enough information here. Did he do this while on duty as a UPS driver?

A: Sheriff Jordan: It happened while on duty and involved his female co-worker. They were working the Winnfield route and it occurred off of Lake Shore Drive in the Saline Lake Area in Winn Parish on 12-24-19.