Just Talkin’ for Jan. 16, 2020


What can be said about Monday night that hasn’t already been said? Perhaps this.

JT didn’t ask the Lord to let the Tigers win but when they did, he sure did thank the Lord! The choir at First Baptist cast aside their choir robes Sunday for purple and gold shirts. Mother Suzanne at Trinity Episcopal firmly denied a request to pray for LSU to win but she did wear a stole on her robe that bore purple and gold trim with tiger appliques on the bottom.

And staunch A–––––a fan Doug deGraffenreid, pastor at First United Methodist, donned an LSU shirt for a picture on social media. That one must have hurt. JT is sure that shirt was a loaner secured by Nancy Peace for the picture.

Another favorite tidbit of JT’s is that Raisin’ Cane’s posted on their marque that they were closing early to let employees get off to watch the game.

And Ronald and Karen Corkern are celebrities now since they were in a crowd shot on television.


Monday was historic for another reason overlooked by some because of the hype for the ballgame. Gov. John Bel Edwards was inaugurated in Baton Rouge during a downpour endured by Parish Council member Pat Ward-Hoover and others.

Pat says she spotted Tommy Roque and Lola and Edwin Dunahoe among those attending the swearing in for which 6,000 had reservations. She describes the scene at the Capitol steps as a “mess” because of the rain that fell from 11:45 until the ceremony was over at 1:45.

“You would think they would have started early but they started late,” reports Pat who says everyone’s clothes were dripping wet as they dodged umbrellas. “But it was worth it to witness the ceremony. And at the end, the combined choir from Centenary, Grambling and Southern Universities was breath-taking,” Pat says.

Another side note is that the governor of South Carolina, the home of Clemson, was among the guests.


Did you notice there wasn’t any booing when President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, walked across the football field Monday night at the national Championship game? Instead there was the chant USA…USA…USA!

The President and First Lady received a very warm welcome in the Superdome Monday night. It really was refreshing. In fact, they upstaged Gov. John Bel Edwards who had his swearing in earlier in the day.

The football game cut short the inauguration activities so lawmakers could rush from Baton Rouge to New Orleans with those discounted tickets in hand.

JT doesn’t recall the cameras on the Governor at all during the game.


Speaking of legislators….they did a little work on the first day…choosing leadership roles. However, it seems on the House side things got a little sticky. The House, which has a majority of Republican members, ended up seeing the Republicans split between two candidates.

Clay Schexnayder

That split allowed the Democrats to get behind one candidate and block vote to elect GOP Rep. Clay Schexnayder of Ascension Parish as House speaker. This could very well be a sign that the Louisiana House is not going to follow the “Party First” practices they see in Washington. Or it could have just been a mistake by the Republican strategists.

Only time will tell.