Brunson appointed to census committee


NATCHITOCHES – Dr. Michelle Fazzio Brunson, professor of early childhood education at Northwestern State University, has been appointed by Gov. John Bel Edwards to the Louisiana Complete Committee (LCCC) created to help raise awareness of the 2020 census.  According to the Governor’s Office, the advisory panel is made up of community, government and business leaders who represent the diverse populations of communities across the state.


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“It is vital that every Louisianan participate in the 2020 census, which provides us an opportunity once every 10 years to take a snapshot of our population in order to make the best decisions possible to better serve our citizens, determine congressional representation and that we are in the best possible shape to receive our share of federal resources as they are made available,” Edwards said. “This is important work that this committee will undertake, and I am grateful to everyone who has made the commitment to participate. The impact of the census count will help shape the future of our state for the next decade and that is why we must do everything within our power to make certain all communities are represented and no one is left out of the process.”


Fazio Brunson is president of Louisiana Early Childhood Association.  There are 23 LCCC members of various religious, political and personal backgrounds. The composition of the committee is a direct reflection of the rich diversity of Louisiana.