Creole Heritage Day: Remembering Creole heritage on Isle Brevelle


Submitted by Dr. Mark Guidry, President of SAHS

“Our community founder and forefather, ‘Grandpere Gustin,’ was a good man and a visionary.  He was a devout Catholic, a moralist, who desired to bring all his children, grandchildren and descendants into the Catholic Faith.  His life is marked with a dream to establish a Catholic parish church  for his family and for others who would profess the Catholic Faith. What began as his plantation chapel in 1803, was fully realized by action of the Bishop establishing St. Augustine as a Catholic parish in 1856.  Shortly afterwards, he passed away, entrusting his true legacy to his people to preserve and pass onto to future generations around the world.
From the St. Augustine Historical Society, Happy Creole Heritage Day (Jan. 22)!”