Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Jan. 25, 2020


JT has yet to tire of seeing the good news the LSU Tigers have generated. Especially that trip to the White House. The White House even put out its own short feature on the visit. But JT has tired of seeing the brutal fight between the Kansas and Kansas State basketball players.

One player hoisted a metal stool into the air but it was jerked away before he could hit anyone. What happened to the day when you just booed the referees? JT attended the Tuesday meeting of the tourist commission and was amazed by the statistics director Arlene Gould and her staff amass. One in particular was that the most popular topics on Twitter are dogs, weather, science and sports.

Don’t know what to do with that but thought it was interesting.

Expect a crowded room Monday when the Parish Council has its first meeting of the year. JT hears some 90 folks who live on Fish Hatchery Road will attend the meeting. They had a meeting in December that was attended by just about everyone who lives on the dilapidated road and plan to lobby for improvements. According to the agenda, Lesha Etheredge wil be the spokesperson.

JT wishes the Parish Council would move the meeting to the courtroom as a courtesy to the folks who plan to be there. Also, it would be a nice gesture to move them to the top instead of making them sit through a six-page agenda to speak at the end of the meeting.


JT is happy to report that Ramona Wynder, the subject of a story on cake baking, had an unexpected reaction to the story.

Seems her fifth grade teacher read the story and called to order a cake. It had been at least 35 years since the two had seen each other but they planned to catch up when Ramona delivered her cake.


JT heard there is more to the “I Voted” sticker than just getting one to stick on your shirt after you cast your ballot. Tony Bernard’s design earned a national award for originality and creativity from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

So vote, then save that sticker in a safe place. Who knows, it might have value other than plain ole’ American pride.