Filming for Amazon Prime show, Adventure and Romance, to take place this weekend


Amazon Prime travel/adventure TV show Adventure and Romance will be filming in downtown Natchitoches this Saturday. Lee and Alicia DuCote (host) will walk viewers through one of the most romantic towns in Louisiana while filming a treasure hunting series for season two.

The DuCote’s have lived in different areas of the U.S. and mid-Pacific but are originally from Shreveport and are currently based out of Benton. “We will be south of Natchitoches in an undisclosed area filming a treasure hunt with Michael Heim,” said Lee DuCote. “He recently found a loot of coins in Whales that changed Britain’s History. Crazy story on itself. Alicia and I will come to downtown Saturday afternoon for a three to hour hour shoot.”  The two will be at Mama’s Oyster House, the Steel Magnolia House and Lasyones Meat Pies.

Featured on the show will be a few local restaurants, the Steel Magnolias House, and the famous Natchitoches meat pie. Season one included six episodes of crazy, fun, off-the-beaten-path adventures that are inspiring and affordable for those wishing to add something to their bucket list.

Adventure and Romance features shows like skydiving, driving racecars, spelunking caves in Arkansas, hunting Sasquatch and much more. Lee, a seven-time published novelist and author, created the show in hopes to give couples ideas of dates that didn’t include diner and show.

Lee and Alicia DuCote

His encouragement pushes couples outside and to be adventurous with one another, “A relationship that is adventurous is a relationship that will last.” – Lee DuCote. Alicia DuCote, a college professor and youth minister, will co-hosts with Lee adding wit and humor keeping viewers laughing and on the edge of their seats.

Viewers will love the humor and adventure that Lee and Alicia create as the two of them find themselves in predicaments that will push their fears and nerves to the next level. Adventure and Romance is an inspiring and feel good show. The show premiered in July of 2019.

Visit for the lineup of season one and follow Lee and Alicia on Instagram @leeandalicia as they film season two. All rights reserved and copy written 2018 © Lee DuCote.