Dunahoe responds to City Council decision

My clients are disappointed in the City Council’s decision to deny their application to build the St. Maurice Place Subdivision.  This development is an exciting opportunity for our City.  The project would potentially result in 27 new homes in our community valued between $300,000 to $400,000 each. In addition to attracting people to move to our community, the development would result in significant property taxes that could be used to improve our City (like improving our drainage system).
It has been more than 10 years since our City had a residential development. This lack of expansion has hurt every sector of our local economy.  My clients have always made an effort to employ local subcontractors when possible.  When we are not constructing new homes, there is less work for our local electricians, plumbers, carpenters, realtors, bankers, etc.
The City has acknowledged that the subdivision complied with all of the City’s Planning and Zoning Regulations.  It is difficult to develop subdivisions when the Council continues to move the goal post.  If the Council wants to require larger lots, it should pass new planning regulations that increase the minimum square foot requirements for residential lots and apply the same rules to everyone.  It defeats the purpose of having planning and zoning regulations if the Council is just going to make the rules up as they go.
The Rhodes have invested considerable resources into making our community better.  In addition to business investments, they have donated significant money to Northwestern, local First Responders, and other local organizations.  Rhodes Properties and Development is the type of company we should be encouraging to do business in our City.  Creating a predictable and fair regulatory environment for businesses to operate is fundamental to growing our City’s economy.  The Council’s decision was a step in the wrong direction.
My clients will be appealing the Council’s decision to the District Court.  We are confident the Council’s decision will be reversed and my clients look forward to breaking ground on this wonderful project.
Jared Dunahoe
Attorney for Rhodes Properties and Development