Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Feb. 1, 2020


JT was surprised along with everyone else Thursday night at the special called Parish Council meeting. The council voted to move forward on getting a grant to rehabilitate the sewer system in Payne Subdivision despite what appeared to be heavy opposition. The vote was 4-0 to accept the aging sewer system as the first step in accepting a grant from the state.

John Salter, Pat Ward-Hoover, Chris Paige and Jim Kilcoyne voted yes. Marty Cheatwood was absent. JT believes the council took the stand for humanitarian reasons because those people in Payne need help. Kilcoyne said he received numerous calls against accepting the sewer system, but said he feels he represents the whole parish, not just his district.

Perhaps the most shocking vote was from Ward-Hoover. She has opposed the endeavor from the beginning but surprisingly voted for it.

JT feels the need to explain what happens next. The vote Thursday will release the money that is provided by a La Community Development Block grand. Those funds are earmarked for sewer issues and can in no way be used for anything else…not even roads.

The parish will assume ownership, but then transfer operations to a board that will oversee it. JT thinks the biggest question is … will the parish have any liability? The full details will be in the Thursday, Feb. 6 edition.


JT is geared up for Super Bowl Sunday. He couldn’t tell you who is facing off against whom since the Saints aren’t playing, but that doesn’t stop him from celebrating. He mostly watches for the commercials anyway. This year Wal-Mart will have their first Bowl commercial ever and some teasers for it and other commercials are already building up to the big reveal.

JT hopes they are better than the last couple of years of commercials. The Budweiser clydesdales are the ones JT keeps his eyes peeled for. He especially loves the one with the donkey who just wanted to participate..and the puppy one.. and the baby colt one… So enjoy the food, family and friends and JT will see you Monday at the water cooler to discuss the winners and losers in the commercial contest.