Butte Tribe youth awarded Grand Champion Division 1 honors at social studies fair


By Belinda Brooks

Raven Trichell and Jacob Prescott were awarded Division 1 Grand Championship honors at the 2019-20 District Social Studies Fair held at ULM in Monroe Monday, Jan. 27. Raven is a Butte Indian and the granddaughter of David and Sue Trichell of Mangham. Raven and Jacob’s presentation was entitled, “Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux.”

The team scored the highest points in Division 1 not only in anthropology but also in all social studies subject areas and will continue to Louisiana State Competition in May of 2020. This presentation was specific to the State of Louisiana and its people. Interest in the tribe, its history, its mounds and its people has spread like wildfire. For Natchitoches Parish, the specifics point directly to the indigenous Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux outside of Natchitoches.

Strange to even the locals, this family/tribe has lived hundreds of years in the same location on the same land and adapted their way of life to fit the required lifestyle of the United States government. In the early 1830s, the “tribe” became a “family” to ward off all those who threatened to remove them from their land during the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Only within the last year have a few of the numerous mounds been revealed. Although there are those who would like to deny the existence of the bloodline and the tribe, documentation, artifact finds and oral history will not allow it. To top it all off, Butte Tribe’s most valuable asset, our youth are taking an interest in their history and wanting to understand more about their culture and tradition.

Chief Rodger Collum extends a proud congratulations and thank you to Raven and Jacob for the honor that they have given our tribe by sharing their heritage with others. “It’s very important for our tribe to support our youth in events such as this.

They are our leaders of tomorrow. I am very proud of Raven and Jacob,” said Vice-Chief Belinda Brooks, who attended the event in support of the tribal youth.