Getting ‘dunked on’ rallies Chiefs

Devonta Snow throws down a lob from Aydrion Brown. Photo by LeRon Massey/Infamous Visuals

By Brian Jordan, Times Intern

The 19-2 Natchitoches Central Chiefs boy’s basketball team defeated the 11-11 Airline Vikings 81-61 on Jan. 31 at home. The No. 2 ranked Chiefs started off strong with a strong block by Darius Young that transitioned into two points.

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The strong start continued as Nathan Curtis hit two 3-pointers back to back, and the Chiefs ended the quarter up 27-21. The quarter was the Chiefs weakest showing. They stalled as they gave up their lead gained in the first quarter, and the Vikings managed to get their first, and only lead, 31-33.

Viking’s Amir Wineglass went up for an impressive dunk that set even the Natchitoches home crowd into cheers. “He said he one of our teammates got ‘dunked on,’” senior Devonte Snow said. “It got a couple of us upset and we wanted revenge.”

In the third quarter, Snow responded with two alley-oop dunks and 11 points in the quarter. The fourth got physical as Chief’s Jaiden Hare and Viking’s Kyle McConathy both received technical fouls from an altercation as a few blows were traded, and taunting from McConathy

“That happens, it’s two very competitive teams going at it,” Micah Coleman, head coach of the Chiefs, said. “That’s just the nature of competition.”

Hare responded the next play with his second dunk of the night, which got the crowd the loudest it had been all night.

Devonte Snow led the team in points with 24. Nathan Curtis had 17 points, Darius Young had13, Aydrion Brown had 12, Jaden Hare had 8 and Devin Robinson and Sean Lacour had 3. This Friday the Chiefs will head to Benton to play the Tigers at 6 p.m.