King Cake Creator: Nan Arthur


By Hannah Richardson

We’re still letting the good times roll by featuring king cake creators! If you or anyone you know makes king cakes for the festive season, call 352-3618 and ask for Hannah or email

This week, the spotlight is on Nan Arthur, who has been baking king cakes for the last 10 years. “It’s so much fun and it’s my side hustle for the first part of the year,” said Arthur. When she’s not making cakes, Arthur is a 4-H agent for Sabine Parish and is employed at the LSU AgCenter. Her favorite pasttimes are being with her family, helping in the community and traveling.

Bavarian Cream

Arthur also shared her king cake baking method. “The most important ingredient for a king cake is time,” she said. “The dough has to be just right. I roll mine out by hand using only the freshest ingredients. I really believe that each person that makes a king cake has his or her own interpretation. It’s a lot like art. You find what you like and you use the things that make a cake that you are happy with.” For Arthur, it’s her early morning time. “I’m able to roll out my dough around 5 a.m. with fresh coffee brewing. It’s my quiet time and I’m able to start the day off right,” she said.

She also makes king cake braids, which is just a “longer version” instead of the classic round shape. She does cakes in school colors, for birthdays, senior nights and gender reveals. Those interested can reach out to her via Facebook.