Just Talkin’ for Feb. 6, 2020


JT has never been to a strip club, but after the halftime show at the Super Bowl Sunday, he feels like he has.

JT knows most strip clubs have poles. J-Lo – uh – danced on a pole in the show.

JT has heard the women are scantily clad and shake their…ummm…assets in strip clubs. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wore little-left-to-the-imagination costumes and shook their assets, separately and together, right in front of the camera.

There was bumping and grinding and slinking and squirming – and some creepy guy in a hoodie – all what JT imagines one would find in a strip club.

Then there were kids.


How did they get on stage in what was obviously an adult oriented performance?

Needless to say, JT was not impressed by the halftime show. Sad how in only half a century the show could evolve from the Universities of Arizona and Michigan Grambling University Bands in Super Bowl I in 1967 and Carol Channing in Super Bowl IV in 1970 to the fiasco that was Janet Jackson, Kid Rock, P. Diddy, Nelly and Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004 and then this years – whatever that was.

In a time where women are finally gaining respect as CEOs, scientists, astronauts, glass ceiling breakers and world leaders, in comes a show on the biggest stage in the nation that sets that progress back to the dark ages. If you want to empower women and be role models for women-to-be, cover it up, clean it up and be regal, not regale the audience with a glorified peep show.


Speaking of the Super Bowl, Times Editor Juanice Gray was fit to be tied Monday morning. Not an overly aggressive football fan, she tunes in to the annual game just to see the Budweiser Clydesdales.

After sitting through the entire game and the aforementioned halftime debacle, there were no Clydesdales in the fourth quarter.

Bud did have a commercial that showcased the extraordinary people that represent the best of America. Great idea, but would have been better with the horses, in her opinion. She said at least there were a couple of cool commercials that took away a bit of the sting, like Sam Elliott’s famous mustache rippling into a dance move of its own for Doritos Cool Ranch. No coincidence that Elliott’s latest show on Netflix is called The Ranch!