NSU’s CSO hosts weekly Mass and Meal


By Mikalyn Russell


The Catholic Student Organization at Northwestern State University hosts Mass and Meal at the Catholic Student Center every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.


“The idea of Mass and Meal is to encourage students to come to Mass aside from Sunday and have fellowship with other students over a meal. This is an opportunity for students to connect with other Catholics and ultimately create a community of catholic students here at NSU,” said CSO President Lucy Matuschka.


Sheridan Douglas, CSO Social Media Coordinator, said she would recommend students to go to Mass and Meal “because it is a way to grow in your relationship with Christ and you can make friends that will help you grow closer to God.”


All NSU students are invited to enjoy a warm meal and fun fellowship at Mass and Meal.

This event is not new for the CSO. Mass and Meal was formerly known as Wednesday Night Supper. The former event lacked organization and purpose; therefore, it was no longer an organized event for the CSO. Matuschka and Douglas both saw the desire for community within the CSO and for NSU students, so they began the process of rebranding, organizing and promoting the event.


Douglas said, “People need spiritual nourishment and physical nourishment to live and it sounds like a great combination.”


Matuschka and Douglas both have a plethora of favorite meals and memories from Mass and Meal, but Douglas said taco soup and everyone laughing and talking is her favorite.

The CSO sees great potential for the students to grow in fellowship with one another and with the Holy Cross Catholic Church parishioners who provide the meals each week.


Please contact Lucy Matuschka at lmatuschka172010@nsula.edu or Sheridan Douglas at sdouglas124477@nsula.edu if interested in growing in fellowship or providing a meal for the students.