What are you doing during for fun?


Families are used to the children being home during the summer, but there are activities to do then; sports, swimming lessons, vacations, movies, museums and zoos to name a few.

With all those options off the table, we want to know what you are doing to enjoy this time with your children, family and each other?  Share your photos with our readers. You might get some good family time ideas for your own family!

Fishing, horseback riding, hiking, cooking, baking, bicycling, family game night, cards, gardening, farming, lounging, boating, ATV riding, crafting, home remodeling, read a book, walk the dog, photography are just a naming a few fun – and socially distancing – things to do to pass the time.  There is even taking an extra online class or finding online learning and gaming activities for students!

Send your photos with names to Juanice Gray at jgray@natchitochestimes.com or Hannah Richardson at lifestyleeditor@natchitochestimes.com.  Photos are also welcome on our Facebook messenger and to our Facebook page.

Take advantage of this time we are given to do things you want to do but never have time to do! (lemonade from lemons!!!)

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