Arrest reports for April 4-5, 2020


NPSO, March 23-29

Kingston Pye, 23 (bm), aggravated burglary

Broderick Sykes, 37 (bm), contempt of court

Terry Weeden, 40 (bm), contempt of court

Earlana Lucas, 18 (bf), violation of protective orders and simple battery

Fawn Slaughter, 21 (wf), driving under the influence

Wesley Holman, Jr. 31 (wm), aggravated assault and resisting an officer

Johnny Nobles, 37 (wm), contempt of court

Marcus Austin, 29 (bm), aggravated assault with a firearm and carrying of a firearm by a convicted felon

Rebecca Brewer, 39 (wf), possession of schedule II, and conspiracy to distribute schedule II


Calvin Newton, b/m, 31, theft, remaining after being forbidden

Brodrick Sykes, b/m, 38, simple battery

Jackie C. Moore, b/m, 57, theft

Michael J. Edwards, b/m, 29, warrant

Danny Slaughter, b/m, 46, 2 counts simple burglary

Brodrick Sykes, b/m, 38, disturbing the peace by public intoxication

Travis Easley, b/m, 22, second-degree aggravated battery Imani Newman, b/f, 46, possession of stolen things

Dequenita L. Pier, b/m, simple battery

Demontrey Pier, b/m, simple battery

Jaqurian Casson, b/m, 18, simple battery

Brandon Kendrick, w/m, 39, theft

Barnard Miles, b/m, 26, domestic abuse with child endangerment

Maggio Phillip, w/m, theft

Jerry Craig, b/m, 32, telephone harassment

Jerry Ware, b/m, 36, Marthaville, third-degree rape

Shaquille Robinson, b/m, 26, simple possession of marijuana

Marty Guillory, w/m, 56, simple assault

Donesha Murphy, b/f, 26, telephone harassment

Monica Chatman, b/f, 39, aggravated assault Raquel Williams, b/f, 37, telephone harassment