NPD arrests – May 16-17, 2020


Tara Fountain, w/f, 30, Kingwood, Texas, curfew violation
Terry Foshee, w/m, 19, Florein, curfew violation


•Charles L. Brown, b/m, 28, disturbing the peace
Kathryn Messenger, w/f, 29, Coushatta, criminal damage to property.
Overton Raymond III, b/m ,40, possession of sch II, possession of sch II w/intent, curfew violation, resisting, obstruction, trespassing
Robert Burr, b/m, 38, curfew violation
Dennis Mitchell, b/m, 27, aggravated assault by drive by shooting

Coldwell Banker Gosslee -June 2021 -807 Jefferson

•Damarrius Manning, b/m, 26, Robeline, aggravated assault by drive by shootgin.
Kevin Osborn, b/m, 35, possession of Sch. I w/intent
Allen Glover, b/m, 30, curfew violation, simple possession, possession w/intent, illegal carrying of a firearm, illegal carrying of a firearm in presences of CDS
Gentry Hebert, b/m, 19, curfew violation
Amber Cortez, w/f, 21, damage to property
Chenille Robinson, b/f, 32, simple assault
Curtis Zeigler, w/m, 19, curfew violation
Garrett Roberts, w/m, 24, Montgomery, driving under suspension, curfew violation, possession of sch. I w/intent, possession of drug paraphernalia, flight from an officer.


•Emmanuel Winslow, b/m, 37, curfew violation
Kevin Sterling, b/m, 36, Cypress, theft


•Telethia Davenport, b/f, 52, domestic abuse battery, aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a peace officer, driving under suspension, reckless operation, no insurance.
Rhonda McCray, b/f, 57, simple battery


•Isiah Hymes, b/m, 37, second-degree battery


•Bianca S. Robinson, b/f, 29, 2 counts possession of sch. II w/oonntent, criminal conspiracy, possession of sch. I w/intent, possession of sch. I, possession of CDS in presence of juvenile, possession of drug paraphernalia


•Whitney Colton, b/f, 26, 2 counts possession sch. I w/intent, possession of drug paraphernalia, 2 counts possession of a firearm in presence of CDS
Garrett Roberts, w/m, 24, Montgomery, curfew violation
Outeisha Demars, b/f, 27, curfew violation
Shafonda Murphy, b/f, 37, simple battery
John Hamilton, b/m, 29, obstruction, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of sch. II second of subsequent offense
Sydneye Thornton, b/f, 29, curfew violation


•Donavon Braggs, b/m, 20, curfew violation
Ronnie Hardison, b/m, 43, curfew violation, aggravated assault on police officer w/firearm, aggravated assault w/firearm, resisting an officer, obstruction
Kevin Sterling, b/m, 36, Cypress, curfew violation, driving under suspension, warrant
Brett Maness, w/m, 35, Robeline, curfew violation
Travis Solitaire, b/m, 35, 2 counts FTA
Teresa Arafat, w/f, 64, theft
Robbie Hendrix, w/m, 36, resisting arrest, aggravated flight, reckless operation.
Eric Curry, b/m, 33, curfew violation, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia
Bruce Lowe, b/m, 30, curfew violation, FTA
Lawrence Willis, b/m 45, curfew violation
Phanya Maxie, b/f, 21, Many, curfew violation
Blake Johnson, w/m, 27, curfew violation
Jessie Lee, b/m, 49, Robeline, curfew violation
Jazyn Boling, w/m, 18, Houston, curfew violation, simple possession sch. I, possession of drug paraphernalia
Breanna Lacey, b/f, 24, simple possession sch I
Carnelius Daniels, b/m, 26, FTA
Jalen Tucker, b/m, 24, curfew violation
Richard Watkins Jr., w/m, 50, trespassing, simple criminal damage


•D’Angelo Brimsey, b/m, 21, aggravated assault by drive by shooting, resisting an officer
Rickey Bradley, b/m, 54, curfew violation
Kandace Moses, b/f, 34, curfew violation
Hagop Kitishin, w/mm, 42, curfew violation
Jerry Craig, b/m, 32, felony theft of a motor vehicle
Sammie Rachal, b/m, 61, curfew violation
Hannah Perry, w/f, 20, curfew violation
Macie McDaniel, w/f, 22, Joaquin, Texas, curfew violation
Dontavian Hall, b/m, 17, aggravated assault w/firearm
Stacie Payne, w/f, 32, simple burglary, simple assault, resistin, criminal damage
Lashay Robinson, b/f, 48, theft
Breanna Lacey, b/f, 25, identity theft
Christopher Westmoreland, b/m, 31, attempted second-degree murder


•Sammie Rachal, b/m, 61, remaining after being forbidden
Jessie Matlock, b/m, 42, curfew
Darrel Winder Jr., b/m, 41, unauthorized entry
Jimmy Ray Carter, b/m, 54, curfew violation
Gregory Washington, b/m, 52, theft, criminal damage to property
Trevor Taylor, b/m, 24, Robeline, damage to property
Cadarrius Moses, b/m, 26, 2 counts FTA
Donnie Blake III, b/m, FTA
Alandria Brown, b/f, 24, curfew violation, firing a weapon in city limits
Jimmy Brown, b/m, 30, curfew violation, 2nd of subsequent offense, resisting an officer, possession of sch. I


•Melbert Payton, b/m, 53, simple burglary, criminal damage toproperty
Darrel Winder Jr., b/m, 40, theft
Breanna Lacey, b/f, 25, battery of a dating partner
Jeremy Bayonne, b/m, 33, theft
Verterrious Johnson, b/f, 22, resisting arrest, remaining after being forbidden
Betty Woodley, b/f, 32, Mansfield, curfew violation
Miranda Chatman, b/f, 24, Clarence, curfew violation
Jordan Mason, b/m,30, curfew violation
Kaela Bryard, b/f, 21, Logansport, curfew violation
Frederick Mays, b/m, 50, curfew violation
Verterrious Johnson, b/f, 22, curfew violation, resisting arrest


•Donta Brimsey, b/m, 22, attempted 2nd-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, FTA, speeding, unlicensed driver, no vehicle registration


•Christopher Westmoreland, b/m, 31, possession w/intent alprazolam, possession w/intent crack cocaine, possession w/intent MDMA, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia
Ashley Pye, b/f, 31, theft


•Kevinesha Ellis, b/f, 30, theft of a motor vehicle
Tywanna Sykes, b/f, 33, disturbing the peace by fighting
Ocietra Ficklin, b/f, 32, disturbing the peace by fighting
Terrall Zeno, b/f, 23, FTA
Jessica Knox, w/f, 39, DWI-first


•Sammie Rachal, b/m, 61, remaining after being forbidden
Chris Blanchard, w/m, 24, telephone harassment.
Tommy Jackson III, b/m, 33, second-degree battery, possession of sch. I
Kenneth Davis, b/m, 21, negligent injuring
Terence Steele, b/m, 30, theft
Nikikia King, b/f, 20, theft, contributing to the delinquency of a mino