Peaceful protests to be hosted in Natchitoches Tuesday evening

A crowd is expected to turn out for a peaceful protest on the riverbank stage Tuesday. Another protest will also occur at City Park simultaneously.

There will be two peaceful protest demonstrations in the city of Natchitoches Tuesday, June 2. One will be on the downtown riverbank stage from 5-7 p.m. and the other will be at City Park from 5-6 p.m. At the end of the City Park protest, the group will march to the riverbank to join the others on the stage, led by civilian cars. Law enforcement officers will be present to oversee these events.

We reached out to the organizer of one of the protests, who wishes to remain anonymous, and they expressed the purpose of these demonstrations. They said they wanted to bring citizens together for a chance to have their voice heard.

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“The city of Natchitoches has a decent civilian relationship and I can say I’ve never personally, as a black male here, experienced racism with a cop,” they said. “We are not protesting the police of Natchitoches. We are protesting nationwide police brutality and a national system that was built upon and upholds racism and the oppression of minorities. We stand together to have our voices of unrest heard.”

“From our protest, we want the word to be heard that we are through with systemic racism, police brutality and the constant targeting and oppression of minorities in America. It is time to take a step forward towards a new reality. People may say racism may never go away, but we should not be blind to what is going in America daily.”