NPD Arrests for June 4-11, 2020


Cadarius Burton, b/m, 29, domestic abuse battery
Calvin Holly, b/m, 25, FTA
Asia McGraw, b/f, 24, FTA, disturbing the peace
Dannie White, b/m, 64, resisting by flight, simple possession, DWI first offense
Javontae Telsee, b/m, 26, theft
Linda Law, b/f, 61, loud music
Shola Obialo, b/f, 29, domestic abuse, 2 counts aggravated battery, FTA
Harry Parker, b/m, 42, simple assault
Michael Mitchell, b/m, 32, simple possession
Carl Taylor Jr., b/m, 21, theft.
Damien Petite, b/m, 25, Marian, La., simple possession of marijuana, illegal carrying of a weapon, illegal possession of a firearm by convicted felon
William Johnson, b/m, 28, simple possession of marijuana, 2 counts simple possession of sch. II, FTA
Christopher Lewis, b/mm, 57, disturbing the peace by public intoxication.
DaJohn Hymes, b/m, 27, 3 counts telephone harassment, simple battery, simple assault
Jaqualon Lucas, b/m, 19, open container


•Reginald Davis, b/m, 48, domestic abuse battery
Mattie Cobb, w/f, 40, zoning regulation
Stanley Bobb, b/m, disturbing the peace


•Kandra Randolph, b/f, theft, 2 counts resisting an officer.