Superintendent restructures central office positions

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NT: To my knowledge, the school board departments haven’t changed in at least three decades. Please explain the need for/duties/start dates/etc. for the proposed Director of Operations and the Director of Academics.

Eloi: We are in the process of recruiting for these positions and would like to be finished with the entire process by early July. The intention is to streamline our operations, much in line with how most districts around the state and nation are already structured. The academic position is specifically intentioned to be a mechanism of support for Principals. We believe as a district that when we have strong leaders, we will have successful teachers and schools but just like teachers, principals need support and feedback.

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Furthermore, this person will be in charge of creating an internal pipeline of talent for the district. Finally, they will be a large force in our strategic planning to ensure greater outcomes for all students. The operations position is meant to help with the work load that includes the massive departments of maintenance, technology, business, federal programs, food service, and accounting. The responsibilities that we are requiring of these departments are compounded almost on a weekly basis by the state and federal government and after evaluating the needs of all the aforementioned departments, we felt it necessary to provide them greater assistance.

NT: Richard Foshee responded to Carolyn’s questions about the IT position.

“Michael Cozad was in the meeting last night. He is our technology coordinator and works for the school board. They were talking about hiring a person to take over the social media and web updates. I don’t recall the name of the person that they have hired. She will work for Howard Technology who provides us with several technicians now.”

NT: Can you explain exactly what the new social media person will do? Also, is Howard Technology a hired consultant?

Eloi: Her name is Mrs. Chynna Paris. She will be managing our social media presence and also our website. Furthermore, she will be producing any sort of content such as professional development for teachers or parents and instructional videos for students. She could also be referred to as the district’s marketing manager. She will be wearing many hats. We have a contract with Howard technology, they provide our employees in our IT department.

NT: Will any of these positions require new hiring? If not, will they eliminate existing positions?

Eloi: I am committed to advertising positions as much as possible. I believe this is both the right thing to do ethically but it also allows for us to find the most diverse and qualified pool to draw from. The new position(s) will not eliminate any current positions.

NT: How will these new positions affect the “chain of command” within central office? Will public and parental concerns be directed to them, then what they cannot handle be brought to you?

Eloi: The positions are meant to be a filter of sorts but more than that they are meant to give clear direction to employees/parents where there may have been some confusion previously. I believe our organization, like most, can always improve in terms of efficiency and communication. I still should be and will be the person people should go to if they have a major concern or issue. I enjoy interacting with the public and in no way do I want these positions to prevent that process from continuing.