NPSO arrests for June 1-10


June 1-10

Cimone Triggs, 32 (bf), contempt of court

Jason Williams, 38 (wm), possession of schedule II, no seat belt, driving under suspension, illegal use of CDS in the presence of persons under the age of 17, and child desertion

Tyrone Medlow, 54 (bm), disturbing the peace

Latarus Calvin, 35 (bm), contempt of court

Orabell Lewis, 54 (bf), disturbing the peace and remaining after being forbidden

Justin Jones, 31 (wm), introduction of contraband in to a penal institution

Brandon Norsworthy, 37 (wm), simple battery

Vanessa Davis, 27 (bf), maximum speed and driving under suspension

Frederick White, 60 (bm), contempt of court

Lawrence Willis, 45 (bm), criminal conspiracy and bank fraud


•Frank Bailey Jr., 27 (bm), contempt of court

Pinto Gonzalez, 26 (m), maximum speed, no driver’s license, and no seat belt


•Hannah Ward, 29 (wf), resisting an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia

Emmanuel Jewitt, 35 (bm), possession of schedule and possession of schedule II

Patrick Cole, 37 (wm), introduction of contraband in to a penal institution

Chrishan Carter, 25 (bm), contempt of court