NPSO arrests for June 18-July 5

Melise Calhoun

•Melise Calhoun, 35 (bf), simple criminal damage to property, criminal trespass and stalking.

Nicholas Skinner, 38 (wm), second degree battery, domestic abuse battery and violation of protective orders

CS&M Storage

Roy Middleton Jr., 38 (bm), contempt of court

Jessie Hart, 50 (bm), contempt of court

Christopher Walker, 45 (bm), contempt of court

Jasmine Lewis, 29 (bf), driving under the influence and texting while driving

Michael Young, 21 (wm), driving under the influence and stop sign violation

Johnny Wilson II, 32 (bm), possession of schedule I

Walter Lyles, 48 (bm), maximum speed, possession of schedule I, possession of schedule II, driving under the influence, no drivers license, and no vehicle registration

Dojoureyan Smith, 22 (bm), possession of schedule I


•Fredrick Hall, 18 (bm), possession of schedule IV

Bryant Remo, 30 (bm), contempt of court

Mary Whitney Litton, 33 (wf), possession of drug paraphernalia

Christopher Williams, 40 (wm), identity theft

Brandon Toussaint, 28 (bm), simple burglary and contempt of court

Jamichael Pye, 31 (bm), probation violation

Brandon Chelette, 37 (bm), possession of schedule I


•Dominic Magee, 24 (bm), speeding, driving under suspension, and reckless operation

Dakota Corley, 28 (wm), contempt of court

William Robinson, 34 (bm), contempt of court

Tedarius Williams, 24 (bm), contempt of court

Deandre Wardsworth, 34 (bm), contempt of court

Zedrick Scott Jr., 28 (bm), driving under the influence, driving under suspension, and intentional littering

Roshonda Jackson, 26 (bf), simple battery

Alfreda Moody, 46 (bf), simple battery

Shelly Treadway, 30 (wf), theft

Aerion Brown, 20 (bm), contempt of court

Wesley Holman Jr., 31 (wm), simple criminal damage to property and domestic abuse battery

Marty Bennett, 40 (wm), possession of schedule II and criminal conspiracy


•Eileen Gonzales, 37 (wf), unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling

Kerry Hopkins, 45 (wm), theft

April Coleman, 37 (wf), issuing worthless checks

Ronny Marcella, 52 (bm), simple battery


•Tyrone Johnson, 42 (bm), possession of schedule I and resisting an officer

Demetric Washington, 36 (bm), possession of schedule I

Mark Bynog, 53 (wm), second degree battery