Several parish projects moving forward


By Carolyn Roy,

The Parish Council accepted reports from department heads and the parish president at the meeting Monday. Parish President John Richmond said Parish Government agencies are observing social distancing, masking, temperature scanning and other measures that meet or exceed State guidelines. Masks are required for visits to the courthouse.

As for capital projects, work began July 7 on Phase II of Payne Subdivision streets and should be completed in less than 90 days. To date, the non-cash State funds have not been converted to cash for Blanchard Road which means it has not been funded. The project remains on the Capital Outlay list.

Legal counsel has contacted TESI and an update is expected shortly. TESI is the company that will donate the Payne Subdivision sewer system to Parish Government.

The Trudeau Street facility is nearly complete and OCS will move there soon. Parish Government will advertise for bids for the health unit roof. Additional information has been submitted to the State Fire Marshal’s office on the solid waste scale project at the landfill.

The Cooperative Endeavor Agreement from the Cane River Waterway Commission has been received. According to the report by Office of Community Services Director Sharon Harris, her office provided cooling utility assistance to 139 households or families totaling $133,800 and 633 individuals.

There were 15 new clients receiving emergency assistance through the LIHEAP program.

USDA Commodities provided food to 150 households or families June 25. The next distribution date will be July 23. The services went to 80 seniors 65 and over; 69 adults ages 18-64; 28 children 18 and under.

Food for Seniors provided nutritional food items to 1,707 people 60 and older. The net distribution date is July 23.

The Senior Companion program had 43 volunteers who provided services to 49 clients representing 3,440 volunteer hours at $3 per hour.

The COA programs are federally funded.

According to the check register report of Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart, June expenses totaled $956,911. Among the expenses were payroll at $223,304 and Natchitoches Detention Center inmate care at $52,384. Ware Correctional Center received $$6,820 for juvenile inmates.