Trial date set for Cane River Waterway Commission’s pump systems suit


The Cane River Waterway Commission’s lawsuit against its contractor, Womack & Sons Construction, remains pending. The case also involves Womack’s subcontractor, Tekleen Automatic Filters, Inc. Womack had contracted with the Commission to build a pump system that would pump water from Hampton Lake to Cane River during periods of drought.

Tekleen provided the filters for this system. Womack intended to deliver the system to the Commission in 2018. Tests conducted at that time showed the system to be inoperable. To date, the system remains inoperable for its intended functions.

Throughout 2019, Womack and Tekleen worked on various proposed solutions to make the system work. Womack and Tekleen last tested these efforts in December 2019. These companies had intended to complete additional testing in early 2020. The virus shutdowns initially delayed these efforts. So far, the additional tests have not occurred.

The case has been set for trial in Natchitoches beginning April 12, 2021.