Women have strong presence in local races


Candidates qualify for Nov. 3 election.

•District Judge 10th Judicial District Court, Div. A

Desiree Duhon Dyess, Dem., w/f (unopposed)

•District Judge 10th Judicial District Court, Div. B

Lala Brittain Sylvester, Dem., w/f (unopposed)

•District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington, No Party, w/m (unopposed)

•City Judge, City of Natchitoches

Robert Owsley, Ind., w/m

Carmella Parker, Dem., b/f

•City Marshal Randy Williams, Dem., w/m (unopposed)

•Justice of the Peace, Ward 2 Patrice Trichel Harper, No party, w/f (unopposed)

•Justice of the Peace, Ward 3 Shelia Pleasant Cagle, Dem., w/f (unopposed)

•Justice of the Peace, Ward 4

Rhonda Rachal Carter, Dem., w/f

Alisha Salard, Ind., w/f

Rhonda Sanders, Dem., w/f

•Constable, Ward 2

Lynn “Hoppy” Layfield, No party, w/m

Monty Trichel, No party, w/m

•Constable, Ward 4

Elmer “Bobby” Carter, Dem., w/m

Michael S. Salard, Dem., w/m

Michael “Bubba” Sanders, No party, w/m

•Chief of Police, Village of Powhatan

No candidates

•US Senator

Beryl Billiot, No party, Am Ind/m

John Paul Bourgeois, No party, other/m

“Bill” Cassidy, Rep., w/m,

Reno Jean Daret III, No party, w/m

Derrick “Champ” Edwards, Dem., b/m

“Xan” John, Other, w/m

David Drew Knight, Dem., w/m

M.V. “Vinny” Mendoza, Ind., Hispanic/m

Jamar Montgomery, No party, b/m

Dustin Murphy, Rep., w/m

Adrian Perkins, Dem., b/m

Antoine Pierce, Dem., b/m

Melinda Mary Price, Other, w/f

Aaron C. Sigler, Lib., w/m,

Peter Wenstrup, Dem., w/m

•US Representative, 4th Congressional District

Ben Gibson, Rep., w/m

Kenny Houston, Dem., b/m

“Mike” Johnson, Rep., w/m

Ryan Trundle, Dem., w/m

•Public Service Commissioner, Dist. 5

Foster Campbell, Dem., w/m

Shane Smiley, Rep., w/m

Scotty Waggoner, Rep., w/m