RoyOMartin records 13 years of safety

RoyOMartin Land and Timber_2019 – This image of the RoyOMartin Land and Timber Department was taken at the team’s 2019 celebration for marking 12 years of safe operations. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, plans have not yet been made for this year’s event to recognize 13 years without a recordable injury.

Source: ROM

Wood-products manufacturer RoyOMartin announced that its land and timber department has completed 13 years without an OSHA-recordable injury, effective Aug. 2. Logging and forestry have historically been among the most dangerous occupations in North America.

Given those statistics and the vast amount of timberland managed by RoyOMartin foresters, nearly 550,000 acres, this accomplishment is especially noteworthy. Keys to the team’s success include reporting near-misses, performing quality safety audits and making daily contacts, in cooperation with a dedicated team of health, safety and environmental professionals.

“This group of professionals leads the way in safety, not only in our workplace, but also in our industry,” stated RoyOMartin Vice President of Land and Timber Cade Young. “While following safety protocols and best practices is critical in our line of work, what really sets our team apart is the genuine care and concern they have for one another. Safety is part of our culture, and we carry that mindset throughout our daily activities, wherever they may take us.”

President and COO Scott Poole stated, “The entire RoyOMartin organization celebrates the land and timber department’s success. These dedicated women and men understand how critical their personal responsibility for safety is, especially given their risk of exposure to upset or unsafe conditions in the field. Beyond that, however, they serve as their ‘brother’s keeper,’ working as a cohesive team to achieve this significant safety milestone, of which we’re all proud.”

RoyOMartin Senior Director of Human Resources Connie Baker.

Additionally, RoyOMartin Senior Director of Human Resources Connie Baker has been appointed by Gov. John Bel Edwards to serve on the Louisiana Women’s Policy and Research Commission. The only member from the Central Louisiana region and the manufacturing industry, she was considered for this position due to her “expertise in business or industry,” according to the Louisiana State Legislature’s website.

The commission serves to identify issues currently impacting Louisiana women in terms of their economic stability, education and overall health and well-being.