July City permits top $392,000


The City Planning and Zoning Dept., issued 35 permits with a valuation of $392,553 according to the July report issued by Director Shontrell Roque. Most of the permits were issued for repairs and renovations such as new roofs and HVAC units. There were no new home starts.

Permits and their valuations were issued to:

•Ethel M. McHenry and James Wilson, 312 Sanford, demolition of single family home, $1,500

•Hyland and Sophie Packard, 207 Adelaide, HVAC and repairs, $24,474

•William B. Luster, 313 Parkway, repairs and new structure, $15,000

•Melvin and Ellen Payton, 206 Kelly St., additions and alterations, $400

•Bayou Bradley LLC and Guilliams Electric, 1026 Highland Park Dr., residential and electrical repair and replacement, $4,000

•Columbus Hardison Jr., 1216 Mark St., HVAC, $6,337

•Curtis Young, 1815 South Dr., #1355, electrical and repair, $550; 1815 South Dr., #1363, $1,300

•Hyland and Sophie Packard, 207 Adelaide, roof, $9,210

•Jason and Rachel Dean, 1801 Williams Ave., alterations, repair, electric, plumbing, $30,000

•Percy C. Petite and Ernest Ray Hudson, 402 Hancock, addition and alterations, $3,000

•Graham K. Ragland, 1808 Williams Ave., new structure, $15,000

•Angela Lewis, 816 Watson Dr., HVAC, $11,077

•Value Enterprises LLC, 1469 Williams, electrical repair, $1,000

•Paul Forsyth III, 939 Loren, HVAC, $15,847

•Angela W. and Christopher Curry, 120 Chris St., alterations, $11,200

•Alliance Compressors, 100 Industrial Dr., alterations, electric, HVAC, $110,000 •Laurie Carroll, 164 Cypress, electrical repair, $500

•Smith/McGraw LLC, 118 Reba, commercial alterations, $51,000

•Palace Realty LLC, 530 Front St., sign permit, $400

•Mauricio and Escobar Medina, 706 Parkway Dr., electrical repair, $1,500

•Palace Realty LLC, 530 Front St., roof, $32,398

•Ben D. Johnson LLC, 400 MLK Dr., non-residential permit, $500; sign application, $200

•Bernice Below Estate, 1539 Mandell St., demolition, $1,000

•Ocie L. and Lee Helen Johnson, 732 Sixth St., roof, $3,800

•Page ETC., LLC, 90 North Melrose Ave., sign permit, $360

•Rhodes Rental Properties LLC, 200 Willow Bend Dr., commercial repair and electrical, $1,000

•Jennifer and Eric Binnings, 220 Williams Ave., boat house, $40,000