NPD arrests as of Aug. 6


As of July 30

Pamela Demars, b/f, 39, theft

Chancy Jefferson, b/f, 33, disturbing the peace, inciting a riot, battery of a police officer.

Jasmine Hall, b/f, 19, possession of marijuana

Nicholas Whitaker, b/m, 25, Shreveport, possession of sch. I, illegal possession of a firearm in presence of CDS, speeding.

Casey Smith, w/m, 45, theft

Tenisha Edwards, b/f, 22, aggravated battery

Preston Mitchel, b/m, 26, domestic abuse battery child endangerment


•Frank Bailey, b/m, 27, Dallas, obstruction of justice, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia

Donald Allen, b/m, 60, remaining

Daniel Ryder III, w/m, 29, disturbing the peace by public intoxication.

LaShawntee Tousant, b/f, 21, simple battery.

Ethan Kitchens, w/m, 19, obstruction of justice

Patrick Helaire, b/m, 50, simple possession of marijuana


•Kendrick Balthazar, b/m, 37, possession of a firearm by convicted felon.

Jacob Carter, w/m, 18, simple possession of marijuana

Owen Marchand, b/m, 23, 2 counts FTA, simple possession of marijuana

Alexis Baldwin, b/f, 25, possession of sch. II, possession of sch. I, possession of paraphernalia, obstruction of public passage.

Lance Taylor, b/m, disturbing the peace by loud profane language, interfering with a police investigation


•Shaquille Robinson, b/m, possession of drug paraphernalia, two ATF arrest warrants, possession of sch. I (marijuana) w/intent, possession of sch. IV w/intent, possession of firearm in presence of CDS

Layna Jones, w/f, burglary


•Alvin Bolden, b/m, 30, resisting

Katrice Brimsey, b/f, 31, FTA

Ledarious Lewis, b/m, 30, FTA

Mark Dixon, w/m, 52, Wisconsin, criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace by public intoxication, reckless operation, resisting.

Kimanesha Richards, b/f, 30, simple criminal damage to property.

Alvin Holden, b/m, 21, simple possession of marijuana.

NPD as of Aug. 6

Lloyd Brown, b/m, Natchez, possession of marijuana.

Charolette Philyaw, w/f, 54, theft

Dedrick Gordon, b/m 24, illegal carrying of weapons.

Jesse Petite, b/m, 49, resisting, remaining, disturbing the peace.

Brodrick Hart, b/m, 27, FTA

Sheena Armstrong, b/f, 35, aggravated assault w/firearm

Anthony Jefferson, b/m, 58, disturbing the peace

Ronsheka Matthews, b/f, 34, disturbing the peace

Tiarra Coutee, b/f, 23, theft

Latatyna Demars, b/f, 25, theft

•Alvin K. Bolden, b/m, filing false complaint against an officer

April Dubois, w/f, 34, public intoxication, resisting an officer

Patrick Bradford, b/m, 41, theft of a motor vehicle

Charles Kerny, b/m, trespassing after being forbidden

Phillip Brown, w/m, 29, theft

Donald Allen, b/m, remaining after being forbidden


•Christopher Braden, b/m, 29, simple criminal damage, criminal mischief


•Terrel Helaire, b/m, 50, criminal mischief.