Natchitoches Parish List of Inactive Voters




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If your name appears on the list below, your voter registration status is inactive because your registration address was not able to be verified by your parish registrar of voters during the annual canvass or correspondence sent to the address on file has been returned undeliverable. If your residential address or the address where you receive mail has changed from the address used when you registered to vote or last changed your voter registration record, please update your residential address on your voter registration record online at You may also change it by mail or in person at your parish registrar of voters.

If you have not changed your address, you are currently eligible to vote but will be required to confirm your address when voting. If you do not confirm your address and you do not vote in any election between the time your name was added to the list and the day after the second regularly scheduled general election for federal office held after such date, your name may be removed from the voter registration list.

A list of inactive voters is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week online at

—— Ashland ——
Bartlett, Steven Rees, 467 Bumgardner Rd
Bown, Jeffrey Vincent, 808 Hwy 153
Bradley, Edward, 1222 Burney Rd
Hamilton, Robert Earl, 458 Rushing Loop
Manuel, Geneva Swiney, 229 Swiney-Hood Rd
Quick, Stacey Guin, 1048 Hwy 153
Rushing, Brandon Jamal, 1002 Burney Rd
Sepulvado, Gary Wayne, 1281 Iron Springs Rd
—— Bermuda ——
Carpenter, Frankie Hugh, 345 Dalme Rd
Rachal, Jeffrey Michael, 624 Bermuda Rd
—— Campti ——
Alford, Laura Amanda, 1112 Hwy 71
Allen, Christain L, 200 Lake Dr
Arledge, Timothy John, 2325 Hwy 486
Armstead III, Jerry, 2777 Hwy 71
Barnum, Cathy Nashell, 113 Miley Dr
Bell, Elinore K, 1772 Hwy 71
Bethany, Misty Meshae, 186 Stiles Rd
Blanchard, Miranda Jolea, 172 Pardee Rd
Blevins, Stephanie Leigh, 128 Adkins St
Bonier, Cedric Bion, 142 Linda Dr
Bryant, Dwight Glen, 378 Davis Springs Rd
Burchfield, Carol Rogers, 983 Hwy 3163
Choate, Carol Bedgood, 7951 Hwy 9
Cochran, Bobby Glen, 1637 Hart Rd
Cochran, Deloris McCart, 1637 Hart Rd
Coleman, Heather Mancil, 1396 Hwy 71
Collier Jr, Thomas M, 364 Collier Hill Rd
Cooper, Dale Wade, 279 Eads Camp Rd
Curry, Bobby Joe, 669 Sandy Point Rd
Cutler, Doris Marie, 7765 Hwy 9
Cutright, Teresa P, 1075 Pardee Rd
Davis, Linda Faye, 199 Lake Dr
Davis, Ramona Daigle, 293 Eads Camp Rd
Davis, Robert Earl, 199 Lake Dr
Delacerda, Cathy Ann, 479 Pardee Rd
Dickson, Tracey Lee, 200 Holman Loop
Dove Jr, Richard Lynn, 405 Campti Bayou Rd
Driver, Destiny Schmiel, 128 Sherry Circle
Driver, Devontay Tyrek, 128 Sherry Circle
Dyer, Amelia Renee, 139 Larry Dr
Dyson, Joseph Morgan, 7732 Hwy 9
Edge, Thomas Elliott, 284 Dalton Ranch Rd
Elam, Wilmer Lee, 113 Juzan St
Erwin, Donna Roshong, 152 Gary Salard Rd
Fansler, Paige Aaron, 1603 Hart Rd
Farley Jr, Louie, 152 Lebrum St
Fernandez, Steve, 318 Dalton Ranch Rd
Foster, Michael Glynn, 268 Dalton Ranch Rd
Fredieu, Nona Marie, 499 Stiles Rd
Freeman, Cleo Henderson, 184 Mack Wall Rd
Freeman, James Hunter, 172 Pemberton Ln
Freeman, Marie Bamburg, 184 Mack Wall Rd
Gray, Bearnard L, 113 Miley Dr
Griffith, Maria Elena, 7504 Hwy 9
Gross, Amanda Lyvonn, 149 Black Lake Club Rd
Ham, Ashley Nicole, 594 Davis Springs Rd
Hammett, Dorothy Baker, 102 Baker Spur Rd
Harrell, Margaret Elizabeth, 155 Adkins St
Harris, Derek Shane, 1135 Cloud Crossing Rd
Harvey, India Marie, 149 Vaughn St #21
Hicks, Mathew, 265 Lake Dr
Jackson, Lyn Jarrot Colby Dominick, 253 Mill St
Jackson, Titania Doninique, 115 Bacle St
Jackson, Winnifred Elaine, 138 Coleman St
James, Zelma, 183 Tally St
Johnson, Tamara Daniels, 2669 Hwy 486
Judah, Wendy Myers, 265 Billy Stiles Rd
Knox Jr, Fred, 149 Vaughn St #19
Knox, Jessica Dawn, 232 Westwind Church Rd
Leggett, Candice Blaize, 168 Westwind Church Rd
Leggett, Wade Lee, 168 Westwind Church Rd
Lester, Keshia L, 2924 Hwy 71
Lewis, Suiu, 237 Lake Dr
Lucas, Grace Marie, 157 Edenborn St
Manshack, Katelyn Welborn, 109 John Foster Rd
Martindale, Jennifer Lynn, 2582 Hwy 71
Martinez, David Travis, 179 Wagon Wheel Rd
Mccoy, Lakesha, 117 Miley Dr
McNeal, Dontavius Deshawn, 124 Allen St
McNeal, Tymecia Lynnetta, 124 Allen St
McNeal, Vickie Victoria, 124 Allen St
McWhorter, Wendy P, 110 Sandy Point Rd
Milstead, Misty Dawn, 200 Westwind Church Rd
Milstead, Timothy Wayne, 200 Westwind Church Rd
Montgomery, Austin Tanner, 7405 Hwy 9
Moss, Dorothy Lee, 268 Hwy 480
Moss, Robert Wayne, 368 Lebrum St
Mullins, Stanton M, 142 Raphiel St
Oliveaux, Katherine Elaine, 188 Blewer Farm Rd
Page, Shaavareyah Keyara Nekole, 2946 Hwy 71
Pattain, Porsche Desha, 122 Sherry Circle
Pattain, Willie Joseph, 128 Sherry Circle
Persilver, Deanna Troi, 377 Westwind Church Rd
Peters, Chelsea Marie, 1326 Hwy 71
Pikes, Eddie Ray, 7812 Hwy 9
Pinder, Patricia Grace, 7955 Hwy 9
Quiney, Lashanti Shanevia, 132 Raphiel St
Rachal III, Douglas Arlen, 2295 Hwy 71
Reliford, Decarey Dontrel, 175 Pasture Rd
Rentz, Charlotte Gallien, 239 Mike Johnson Rd
Royal Jr, Reginald, 2746 Hwy 71
Sepulvado, Barbara Laiche, 549 Sandy Point Rd
Sepulvado, Kenneth R., 549 Sandy Point Rd
Sessions, Connie M, 1376 Hwy 71
Shumaker, Jonnie Lee, 6400 Hwy 9
Smith, Brenda R, 156 Oil Rd
Smith, Joshua Keith, 162 Wood St
Smith, Shtarean Denise, 130 Carter St
Smith, Stephanie Denise, 149 Vaughn St
Swayze, Valerie Nealy, 689 Hwy 71
Telsee, Brianna Honimekealoh, 168 Vaughn St
Telsee, Meshanda Nicole, 150 Linda Dr
Thompson, Brandee Nicole Wyatt, 1448 Hwy 71
Tingle, Carmen Leigh, 2207 Hwy 71
Triggs, Cimone Edette, 162 Wood St
Triggs, Shanequia Arquette, 155 Larry Dr
Vaughn, Emmanuel Deon, 266 Ebenezer Vaughn Rd
Vaughn, Terrie Frances, 266 Ebenezer Vaughn Rd
Vickers, Craig Brandt, 153 Thomas Rd
Vickers, Tifany Hailey, 153 Thomas Rd
Waldrup, Mildred Fisher, 142 Fisher St
Waldrup, Otis James, 156 Fisher St
Wallace, Ora Vell, 139 Browder St
Williams, Ariel Jontasia, 154 Allen St
Williams, Dianna, 3023 Hwy 71
Williams, Margaret Magee, 596 Collier Hill Rd
Williams, Tamekia A, 168 Fisher St
Wilson, Kenneth Ray, 163 Harbor Estates Rd
Womack, Carolyn Elizabeth Dyer, 1076 Hwy 71
Woodley, Franchester, 140 Larry Dr
—— Chopin ——
Dubois, Durrenda Leigh, 343 Hwy 490
Fuller, Kristina Faye, 10346 Hwy 119
Long, Virginia Sue, 10346 Hwy 119
Rachal, Vanessa, 171 B F Johnson Rd
Williams, Michelle Anne, 344 G R Bardwell Rd
Woods, Mary T, 588 Sunk Hill Rd
—— Cloutierville ——
Beaudion, Erika Ranee, 2533 Hwy 491
Beaudion, Jason Michael, 553 Hwy 495
Charrier, Brittany Renee, 122 School House Rd #5
Conday, Marcus Shaquille, 124 School House Rd #28
Cryer, Stacie L, 778 Little River Rd
Culbert Sr, Gregory Detroit, 13809 Hwy 1
Doucette Jr, Roy Raymond, 122 School House Rd #6
Dunn, Becci Renelle, 127 School House Rd
Elie, Diane, 122 School House Rd #5
Garlington, Kimberly Nicole, 1851 Hwy 491
Hernandez, Alicia H, 2140 Hwy 495
Hudson, Jerry Dewayne, 144 School House Rd #17
Jefferson, Makalen Deshawn, 1684 Coco Bed Rd
Jenkins, Misty Lane, 208 Little Eva Plantation
Jenkins, Tony Wayne, 208 Little Eva Plantation
Johnson, Bonita Y, 399 Canal Rd
Johnson, Erica Deshawn, 399 Canal Rd
Lester, Melissa Elizabeth, 563 Nid Aigle Rd
Lucas, John Henry, 1684 Coco Bed Rd
Masteller, Robert William, 1119 Hwy 495
Morris, Jerald W, 14793 Hwy 1
Nash, Marquita Angelica, 146 School House Rd #11
Neely, Jessica Diane, 1346 Emmanuel Rd
Rachal, Shanell Marie, 1004 Hwy 495
Reed Jr, Gregory Wayne, 912 Hwy 491
Reyna, Shirley Beaudion, 144 School House Rd #23
Scott, Bobby Ray, 860 Hwy 491
Taylor, James Walker, 122 School House Rd #4
Wablington, Brandon Shay, 142 Canal Rd
—— Coushatta ——
Doskocil, Alice Adams, 384 Yount Rd
Earp, Karen Annette, 648 Layfield Rd
Friday, Stephen Daniel, 550 Messick Rd
Guy, Lucas Colin, 5274 Hwy 480
Hay, Rachael Michelle, 5190 Hwy 480
Hicks, Amanda Kay, 184 Highline Rd
Kimpling, Philip James, 5190 Hwy 480
Koppie, Leon Conol, 736 Grappes Bluff Rd
Lawrence, Thomas Vincent, 220 Edward Adams Rd
Lester, Venessa Lenell, 158 Highline Rd
Lodrige, Randy Dewayne, 384 Hwy 71/84
Smith, Katie Dianne, 628 Layfield Rd
White, Branden Charles, 220 Edward Adams Rd
—— Derry ——
Brown, Hershel, 13645 Hwy 1
Carpenter, Joanie Marie, 258 Parish Rd 827
Davis, Larry, 7355 Hwy 119
Denny, Cynthia Marie, 1171 Cat Island Rd
Johnson, Vanessa Bobbie, 114 Bayonne Rd
Maxey, Barbara P, 8425 Hwy 119
—— Flatwoods ——
Dupre, Amber Nicole, 11190 Hwy 119
Theall Sr, John Thomas, 11460 Hwy 119
—— Goldonna ——
Bacon, Randal S, 1256 Hwy 156
Barber, Michael Wayne, 122 Gates Rd
Branch, Tommy Jordan, 2700 Hwy 479
Brown, Krystal Lynn, 464 Montgomery Camp Rd
Brown, Wanda Kay, 464 Montgomery Camp Rd
Burke, Hillary Jade, 508 Evergreen Church Rd
Cotton, David Matthew, 461 Clyde Harper Rd
Garner, David Anthony, 1253 Hwy 156
Garner, Tommy Daniel, 934 N Goodwill St
Johnson, Kathlyne Danielle, 850 Evergreen Church Rd
Johnson, Melvin Lynn, 3193 Main St
Laughlin, Christopher Jordan, 680 Evergreen Church Rd
Lowery, John Robert, 2355 Hwy 479
Morgan, Dorothy Lyn, 851 Evergreen Church Rd
Rhymes, Gary Michael, 200 Godwin Rd
Rowell, Angela Maria, 3186 Main St
Smith, Angela Marie, 517 Evergreen Church Rd
Smith, Rose Annette, 203 Salt Pitt Rd
Trichel, Tamara Jean, 402 Trichel Camp Rd
Wilson, James Edward, 675 Evergreen Church Rd
—— Gorum ——
Critcher, Aaron Lee, 166 Mora-Gorum Rd
—— Lena ——
Basco, Marlene Retzlaff, 1519 Lake Gorum Rd
Howard, Dolly Smith, 3179 Hwy 490
Jenkins, Tammie L, 497 Orie Rister Rd
Lacour, Bernard, 17578 Hwy 1
Manning, Dakedra Shantrel Rene, 100 Orie Rister Rd #210
—— Marthaville ——
Bradford, Anthony Tyrone, 407 Jackson Bradford Rd
Bruce, Patty Fenton, 368 Hwy 1221
Davis, Kendall Ralph, 577 Durr School Spur Rd
Davis, Laurie Denise, 577 Durr School Spur Rd
Durr, Russell Warren, 480 Durr School Spur Rd
Durr, Sandra Lynn, 480 Durr School Spur Rd
Ecker, Peyton Martin, 848 Pete Carroll Rd
Ferrier, Jackie Lynn, 11054 Hwy 120
French, Charlotte Ann, 446 Joe Clouse Rd
French, Heaven Averianna, 446 Joe Clouse Rd
Hennigan, Rose Ann, 148 Hall Brake Rd
Hunt, Michael Eugene, 145 South 3rd St
Kilgore, Joshua E, 141 Lula St
Martinez, Christopher John, 571 Townsend-Ballard Rd
Maxie, James Edwin, 407 Jackson Bradford Rd
Neal, Shirley Ruth, 2854 Allen-Marthaville Rd
Nugent, Lansing Alton, 447 Edgar Olive Rd
Reed, Juanita, 1112 Hwy 174
Rollinson, Eileen Margaret, 1115 Hwy 174
Smith, Bronson Dewayne, 2279 Hwy 487
Sparks, Michelle Jennings, 351 Lockes Pond Rd
Tidwell, John Needham, 150 Rains St
Walker, Ashley Murray, 108 Jennings Rd
Woodel, Brittany Michelle, 963 Bethany Rd
—— Melrose ——
Baker, Molly G, 3533 Hwy 119
Hassan, Ernestine Roge, 2735 Hwy 119
Hawthorne, Dee A, 2498 Hwy 119
Hawthorne, Jonathan Ryan, 2494 Hwy 119
Hawthorne, William Scott, 2494 Hwy 119
Metoyer, Karrie Rose, 3175 Hwy 119
Meziere, Athanase Xavier Bruza, 3300 Hwy 119
Meziere, Jacqueline Nicole, 3300 Hwy 119
Norsworthy, Hanna Nicole, 3339 Hwy 119
Norsworthy, Jacob Leon, 3339 Hwy 119
Sarpy, Marcus Dwayne, 3253 Hwy 119
Wilson, Stephanie, 3533 Hwy 119
—— Mora ——
Basco, David Trent, 1637 Mora-Red Dirt Rd
Kerry, Dorthy Mae, 1680 Mora-Red Dirt Rd
Kerry, Thomas Ambrosse, 1680 Mora-Red Dirt Rd
Rister, Janet Denise, 2868 Kisatchie-Mora Rd
Seibles, Christine Diona, 2868 Kisatchie-Mora Rd
—— Natchez ——
Anthony, Alana Bonhomme, 1395 Bermuda Rd
Bayonne, Jennie Jashawn, 4363 Hwy 119
Bird, Angel R, 433 St Paul’s Church Rd
Bishop Jr, Samuel Elwood, 162 Willow Bend Rd
Bishop, Michele Johnson, 162 Willow Bend Rd
Blessing, Melissa Lauren, 352 Riverview Dr
Clark, Robert Burns, 408 Main St
Cobb Jr, Jerry Roy, 276 Riverside Ln
Cobb, Erin Suzanne, 276 Riverside Ln
Coutee, Charles, 1988 Hwy 484
Davenport, Donte, 248 Riverview Dr
Finnegan, Regina Cheryl, 1804 Hwy 484
Graves, Haley Salard, 215 Cedar Bend Rd
Harper Jr, Charles Raymond, 350 Riverview Dr
Harper, Brenda Irby, 350 Riverview Dr
Holden, Altha Faye, 189 Hwy 119 #28
Holden, Anthea Fadai, 189 Hwy 119 #28
Houston, Brittney Anne, 190 Hwy 119 #9
Howard, Rinderson Tezell, 114 Sam Clark St
Hutson, Ozetta, 412 Main St
Labom, Kristi Camilla, 167 Riverview Dr
Owecki, Crystal Ann, 500 Robert Lacaze Rd
Petite III, Aaron, 838 Bermuda Rd
Rachal, Brian R, 376 Riverview Dr
Rachal, Jean Marie, 376 Riverview Dr
Roque, Bridgette Camelia, 574 Hwy 484
Sims, Deborah J, 424 Riverview Dr
Starks, Kenneth Eugene, 2299 Hwy 119
Turner, Eric Michael, 1495 Bermuda Rd
Van Gossen, Elizabeth Dale, 2284 Hwy 484
Washington, John L, 170 Robinson St
Williams, Cuban, 1773 Hwy 119
—— Natchitoches ——
Aaron, Jeremy Dewayne, 311 Airport Rd
Abbe Jr, Chris Dennis, 200 Tarlton Dr #926
Abrams, Jennifer Laurence, 169 Vienna Pkwy
Abukhalaf, Ronnie, 418 Elvira Dr #306A
Achord, Randall Lane, 312 Whitfield Dr
Achord, Rian Layne, 145 Dogwood Trail
Adams, Shanina Lashayvie, 220 Airport Rd
Adams, Timothy, 1606 Westcourt Dr
Addison, Octiva, 110 Carolina Ave
Alexander, Austin Stewart, 138 Kaffie Dr
Alexander, Brandi Marie, 414 McDodson Way #A
Alldredge, Casey Boyd, 752 Hwy 1225
Allen, Gregory Marchesee, 310 Rosebud Dr
Allen, Kelly Carol, 141 Desadier Rd
Allen, Kyelshea Ernesticia, 1230 Old Robeline Rd #B-206
Allen, Markita Ann, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #2
Allison, Elisabeth Ruth, 160 Tarlton Dr #4340
Alsobrook Jr, Joseph Heath, 277 Paul Jordan Rd
Ammirati, Nicholas Andrew, 707 Melrose Ave
Antee, Joseph Woodrow, 151 Vienna Bend Dr
Anthony, Brittany Sandifer, 118 Kyle St
Armstrong, Jennifer Nicole, 100 Melrose Ave #902
Armstrong, Shanda Shendell, 401 Main St
Arnold, Carolyn Kaye, 500 Melrose Ave
Arnold, Sandra Faye, 500 Melrose Ave
Atkinson, Samantha Nicole, 177 Frontier Ave
Attaway, Toni Annette, 300 Miller Creek Dr #312
Attura, Beatrice, 260 Tarlton Dr
Aufderheide, Joshua Stephen, 931 Williams Ave
Aufderheide, Kirsten Rachel, 931 Williams Ave
Augustine, Maiya Angelle, 625 Conville Cir
Austin, Sherrian Graham, 646 Jackson Dr
Axsom, Brooke Aline, 158 Wells Rd
Axsom, Cristin Victoria Conroy, 401 Stephens Ave
Axsom, Joshua Matthew, 401 Stephens Ave
Axsom, Stephen Titus, 158 Wells Rd
Aymond, Elizabeth Erin, 282 Bennett Loop
Aymond, Justin Joseph, 282 Bennett Loop
Babers, Alexisa Rochelle, 1004 Clarence Dr
Babin, Amber Nicole, 308 Elvira Dr
Babineaux, Takeitha Symone, 206 Kelly St
Baca, Matt Joseph, 713 Watson Dr
Bacote, Lyric Alexis, 200 Tarlton Dr
Bailey, Marissa Nicole, 325 Fairgrounds Rd
Baker, Lakyn Ashleigh, 584 Front St #308
Baker, Stephanie, 160 Tarlton Dr #3315
Baker, Tynaisha Anjel, 706 Ouida Dr
Ball, Cameron Rashad, 200 Tarlton Dr #1122
Bankston, Chastity Renee, 1501 Dixie St
Baptiste, Katie Elizabeth, 138 American Way
Barfield, Chelsea Fay, 674 New Roads Rd
Barfield, Kenyatta Montrel, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #7
Barfield, Melissa Smith, 674 New Roads Rd
Barker, Stephen Philip, 308 Watson Dr
Barnes, Camella T, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #40
Barnes, Jaisley Micala, 100 Lakeview Dr #302
Barnes, Leah Terrel, 200 Tarlton Dr #1014
Barnes, Raymond Darnell, 300 Lakeview Dr #4401
Barnett, Jacki W, 183 White Oak Ln
Barnett, Joseph Donald, 485 Kayla Dr
Barrett, Carl Lemul, 397 St Francis Ave
Barrett, Courtney Grace, 100 Melrose Ave #914
Barrett, Sheila R, 397 St Francis Ave
Barrish, Hannah Elizabeth, 513 Saint Maurice Ln
Barron, Christopher Vance, 153 Antley Rd
Bartels, Bart A, 215 Whitfield Dr
Bartnik, Robert Joseph, 219 Kelly St
Bass, Sean Franklin, 156 Lou Ivy Rd
Bassett, Chelsea Anne, 700 University Parkway #215
Bassett-Gulley, Savannah S, 299 Bennett Loop #B
Batiste, Travis Jerome, 1012 Lake St
Bayone, Jason Dean, 706 Ouida Dr
Beard, Esteller, 423 McDodson Way #C
Bearden, William Trey, 200 Tarlton Dr
Beatty, Donald B, 914 West St
Beaudion, Deborah Atkins, 304 Hedges St
Beaudion, Donterica Dominique, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #H-39
Beaudion, Herbert Lee, 1126 Grayson St
Beaudion, Jasmine Jene, 827 Posey St
Beaudoin, Amanda Nicole Kennedy, 231 Melissa Pl
Beckworth, Karen Ann, 395 Patrick Rd
Bedgood, Harley Bullitt, 140 Hwy 6
Belgard, Elizabeth Noel, 105 Elvira Dr
Bell, Cory Dejuane, 100 Melrose Ave #1413
Bell, Timothy Duane, 100 Greystone Dr #D-3
Bellard Jr, Leonce, 125 Fox Run Dr
Bellard, Peggy Martin, 125 Fox Run Dr
Bellon, Zebulon Morrow, 429 Saint Denis St
Below, Darneatryce Joy, 1511 Northern St
Benalla, Mohammed, 235 E 6th St
Benjamin, Jimmy R, 210 Fairgrounds Rd #4
Bennett, Ashley Nichole, 811 Watson Dr
Bennett, Lauren J, 317 Fairgrounds Rd
Bennett, Tristan Stephen, 100 Boudreaux St
Benoit, Jamie Michele, 427 Saint Denis St
Bentley, Chad Forrest, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #24
Bergstedt, John Joseph, 315 Fairgrounds Rd
Berthelot, Jousha Paul, 200 Tarlton Dr #1025
Besant, Lakyn Symone, 2226 Williams Ave Ext
Bethard, Katie Lynn, 200 Tarlton Dr #318
Bettens, Deborah Hogh, 115 Aloys Circle
Bice, Debra Thompson, 2630 Fish Hatchery Rd
Birch, Sarah Madeline, 200 Tarlton Dr #425
Birdsong, Jeanita Lashae, 244 Posey Rd
Blackshire, Vernita Ann, 150 Pierson St
Blake, Whittney Renee, 500 Lakeview Dr #502
Blanks, Lora Jane, 1413 Holmes St
Bloodworth, Gerald Deandre, 133 University Dr
Bloxom, Karen Christine, 133 Pavie St
Bloxom, Kevin McClain, 133 Pavie St
Bly, Robert Russell, 238 Northwood Ln
Bobb Jr, Anthony Develle, 5753 Hwy 71
Bolden, Jasmine Chantel, 200 Tarlton Dr #1024
Bonner, Jacqueline Sarpy, 316 Scarborough Ave
Booker, Brashard Otarion Jerone, 107 Behan St
Booth, Ava Vanette, 714 Brahma Dr
Bordelon, Eric D, 1511 Salter St
Bordelon, Leann Marie, 160 Tarlton Dr
Borders, Michael Anthony, 200 Tarlton Dr #102F
Bordes, Shaina Marie, 100 Greystone Dr #A-1
Borne, Lacy Ann Bohot, 103 Laird Fletcher Rd
Borne, Martha Durbin, 103 Laird Fletcher Rd
Boudreaux, Quentin Cade, 810 Watson Dr
Boudreaux, Toby Nicholas, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4137
Bowman, Kaitlin Jean, 200 Tarlton Dr #321
Box, Debra Elizabeth, 113 Boyd St
Boyd, Robert Ishmael, 6065 Hwy 84
Boyd, Talisa Leshay, 100 Melrose Ave #613
Boyette, Alexa Stothart, 300 Williams Ave
Braden, Hope Deanna, 176 Bayou Dr
Braden, Rhonda Gisele, 176 Bayou Dr
Bradford, Debra P, 910 Collins Rd
Bradley, Jasmine Alexandria, 3800 University Parkway #232
Bradley, Tramon Joshua, 132 Behan St #B
Brady, Tony Ray, 527 Woodyard Dr
Branch, Reginald Lamont, 223 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Braxton, Damien Demond, 210 Sylvan Dr
Braxton, Harry, 122 Sylvan Dr
Braxton, Jeannittie, 210 Sylvan Dr
Braxton, Lamont Dewayne, 122 Sylvan Dr
Braxton, Vannie Marie, 700 Myrtle Dr
Braxton, Veronica Lynn, 204 Julia St
Bray, Karensa Maree, 230 2nd St
Brazzell, Dorethea Bass, 509 Garland Rd
Breazeale, Fay Beverungen, 213 Marcella Dr
Brewton, Kristin Page, 110B Starlight Dr
Briggs III, Paul James, 700 Bossier St #5
Briggs, Lela Mae, 114 Patricia Dr
Brimsey, Patrice Renee, 418 McDodson Way #A
Briscoe, Laura Nell, 564 Monroe Dr
Briscoe, Nat R, 564 Monroe Dr
Brister, Hannah Marie, 104 Boudreaux St
Brister, Katelyn Jean, 157 Settles Landing
Brister, Robert Jurald, 157 Settles Landing
Broadway, Shirley Rachelle, 1540 Payne Ave
Brock I, Taetem Sieaber, 136 Sam Sibley Dr
Brogdon, Justin Dakota, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4339
Brooks, Ann Marie, 910 Jacko St
Brooks, Renea Schevette, 115 Ann St
Broome, Brandy Junisha, 1438 Dixie St
Brossette, Mary Etta, 216 River Bend Dr
Brossette, Tiffany Grace, 260 Hwy 120
Brown Jr, Edward Charles, 534 Hwy 504
Brown Sr, Donald Norman, 158 Wells Rd
Brown, Aaron Bernard, 408 Watson Dr
Brown, Alandria Shearbre Shandrile, 813 West St
Brown, Carolyn Hubier, 305 Ledet Dr
Brown, Crystal, 500 North St #P4
Brown, Daniel Zachary, 203 Elvira Dr
Brown, David Minor, 2540 Fish Hatchery Rd
Brown, Hayward, 720 Keyser Ave #310
Brown, Kenneth Dominique, 100 S Jefferson St #9
Brown, Larhonda Antoinette, 813 West St
Brown, Larry James, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #27
Brown, Laurie Katherine, 100 Greystone Dr #A-3
Brown, Louis Charles, 206 Piermont Pl
Brown, Mary Laverne, 402 Collins Rd
Brown, Micalea Madiolica, 2540 Fish Hatchery Rd
Brown, Ronett Bolden, 720 Winona St
Brown, Sainequa Lashay, 210 Bayou Dr
Brown, Shaniqua Monique, 131 Tjoe St
Brown, Shashila McKenzie, 1217 Greenville St
Brown, Tameka Shantall, 202 Miranda Loop #1
Bruff, Charles T, 221 Percy St #5
Bryan, Stephen Alvin, 160 Tarlton Dr #2202
Bryant, Phillip Thomas, 200 Tarlton Dr #314
Bucher, Ashlee R, 200 Tarlton Dr #525
Bumpus, Saxon Marie, 120 Tarlton Dr #1117
Burkheimer Jr, Thomas Edwin, 321 1/2 Poete St
Burns, Abiah Utter, 1344 Williams Ave
Burton, Cordero Ricardo, 217 Kelly St
Burton, Ireana Micion, 123 Gabrielle Loop
Burton, Myra Vanessa, 630 Jackson Dr
Bush III, Robert Lewis, 200 Tarlton Dr #721
Bush, Jayvian Tierec, 504 University Parkway #128
Butts, Guy Grant Andrew, 160 Tarlton Dr #3213
Byone, Kimberly Janise, 156 Pierson St
Byrd, Crystal Faith, 1028 Clarence Dr
Cagney, Crista Lee-Ann, 160 Tarlton Dr
Cain, Nathan, 525 Oakland Dr
Caldwell, Gaynell Michelle, 100 Maria Ln
Calhoun, Clementine, 724 Keyser Ave #224
Calhoun, Gloria Jones, 147 Pierson St
Calhoun, Paul Ray, 1101 Dean St
Caliste, Jonathan Anthony, 301 Martin Dr
Campbell, Doyle Allen, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #53
Cantera, David, 160 Tarlton Dr #1202
Cantrelle Jr, Timothy Paul, 160 Tarlton Dr
Capers, Manton Wayne, 108 Boudreaux St
Carbaugh, Jessica Leigh, 700 Bossier St #3
Carlson, Katherine Ruth, 319 Adelaide St
Carmadelle Jr, Chad Micheal, 124 Behan St #B
Carmouche, Latoya Renee, 121 Reba St #B
Carnahan, Bettye Marie, 195 Campbell Dr #A
Carpenter, Lisa Darlene, 534 Hwy 504 #3
Carpenter, Sheila Bedgood, 100 Sibley Lake Dr #13
Carpenter, Tracey Annette, 505 Watson Dr
Carr, Teiana Shante, 120 Tarlton Dr #211
Carruth, Amy, 2088 Bayou Derbonne Rd
Carson, Faye Self, 704 Hancock Ave
Carson, Kimberly Diane, 200 Tarlton Dr #1122
Carter, James L, 500 North St #B-8
Carter, John Pierre, 111 Magnolia Dr
Carter, Stewart Lance, 202 Henry Ave
Casson, Elainna Gabrielle, 320 Eight Mile Loop
Casson, Jaylon Lemias, 320 Eight Mile Loop
Cauley, Alanna Suzanne, 200 Tarlton Dr #814
Cavanaugh, Jerry Wayne, 210 Fairgrounds Rd #9
Cedars, John Paul, 1083 Patrick Rd
Cezar, Jakaniah Brown, 440 Fairgrounds Rd
Chadick, Kathleen McClure, 326 Williams Ave
Chalk, Cary Jerome, 641 Genti St
Chalker, Lisa Eldreth, 2592 Fish Hatchery Rd
Champion, Michael Dale, 118 Caspari St
Chandler, Karen Chatelain, 351 Pegasus St
Chandler, Tamara Renee, 208 University Dr
Chapa, Halley Reylynn, 100 Melrose Ave #1102
Charles, Ashereann Michelle, 1414 Hwy 1 #503
Charleston, Nubia K, 201 Elvira Dr
Chavis, Dorothy Clark, 1430 Sawyer St
Cheatwood, Katelyn Elizabeth, 716 Parkway Dr
Chesal, Megan Elizabeth, 704 Oakland Dr
Cheshier, Haley Lanell, 200 Tarlton Dr #622
Chester, Austin Christopher, 221 Percy St #8
Chronister, Robert Allen, 1514 Barclay Dr
Ciaschini, Tiffany Leanne, 1213 Patrick Rd
Claiborne, Gracie Mae, 1102 Allen St
Clark, Cheryl Denise, 168 Vienna Bend Dr
Clark, Danny Joe, 168 Vienna Bend Dr
Clark, Demoine Van Ellis, 200 Lakeview Dr #2405
Clark, Fabione Nicole, 113 Julien Circle
Clark, Larionne Shawan, 944 4th St #B
Clark, Lora Mae, 1203 Virginia Ave
Clark, Roderick Dewayne, 200 Lakeview Dr #2104
Clarkston, Dennis Hilton, 160 Antley Rd
Clayton, Lewis Rogers, 1531 Stella St
Clayton, Ovean, 1414 Hwy 1 #1301
Cleveland, Korey Dwayne, 200 Tarlton Dr #528
Close, Jane Ellen, 837 Parkway Dr
Cloud-Crawford, Lacy Michelle, 202 Henry Ave
Cobbs, Shaniqua Alexis, 160 Tarlton Dr #2310
Cochran, Jill Marie, 7342 Hwy 6
Cockerham, Zackery Maxwell, 325 Shoreline Dr
Coco, Megan Claire, 258 Julia Ann Dr
Cofield, Vincent Charles, 202 Powell St
Colar, Teria Shenelle, 107 Tjoe St
Colbert, Leah Erica, 115 Sarah St
Coleman, Allyson Bell, 1800 Fish Hatchery Rd
Coleman, Lena Yvonne, 268 Hwy 6
Coleman, Vanessa M, 200 Tarlton Dr #414
Collins, Adrienne Nicole, 235 Fairgrounds Rd #24
Collins, Christopher Edward, 215 Airport Rd
Collins, Connor Lynn, 361 Blanchard Rd
Collins, Daniel Chase, 361 Blanchard Rd
Collins, Joan, 278 Brickyard Rd
Collins, Kimberly Nicole, 404 Airport Rd
Colon-Carrasquillo, Carola Beatriz, 3800 University Parkway #324-A
Colton, Whitney Nicole, 207 Elvira Dr
Colvin, Jason Earl, 210 St Jerard Ave
Conley, Crittie Elaine, 617 Woodyard Dr
Conn, Joshua Dylan, 160 Tarlton Dr #1207
Cooks, Kenneth Jamal, 160 Tarlton Dr
Cooper, Tauren Rachel, 1453 Bayou Derbonne Rd
Copeland, Larry Darnell, 200 Tarlton Dr #824
Corder, Carol Hodge, 383 Blanchard Rd
Cork, Michael Jeffrey, 810 Hwy 504
Corman, Tara Kaine, 416 New Roads Rd
Cornwell, Thomas James, 932 Short 7th St
Cosby, Diamond Keon, 100 Hazel St #116
Cosey, Tyran Demone, 700 University Parkway #201
Costanza, Corey Raphael, 2257 Hwy 6
Courtney, Justin Royce, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #33
Coutee III, Lawrence, 917 Dixie St
Coutee Jr, James, 100 Maria Ln #V-2
Coutee, Decarlos Dontae, 126 Reba St
Coutee, Harry, 825 Dixie St
Coutee, Samantha Shevon, 128 Reba St #D
Cox, Joyce Marie, 223 Aloys Circle
Cox, Morris K, 223 Aloys Circle
Craig, Charlotte L, 116 Prothro Rd
Crayne, Stephen Cecil, 3381 Hwy 494
Crittenden, Diana Faye, 780 Fish Hatchery Rd
Croghan, Jon M, 127 Evangeline Dr
Croom, Justin Dewayne, 1213 Patrick Rd
Cross, Brianca Sharnay, 400 Lakeview Dr #4204
Crump, Lindsey Ara, 440 Stephens Ave
Crump, Mitchell Cody, 440 Stephens Ave
Cruse, Courtney Paige, 400 Lakeview Dr #4124
Cruz, Anisha Ann, 809 Merilyn Ave
Cruz, Juan Gilberto, 809 Merilyn Ave
Cuellar, Vincent Forrer, 821 West St
Culver, Thomas Etienne, 4716 Hwy 3278
Cunningham, Joseph Payne, 1830 Williams Ave
Cunningham, Kierra, 327 Fairgrounds Rd #7
Cunningham, Morgan Lynn, 201 Fairgrounds Rd
Cupples Jr, Sidney Frank, 1 Nsu Bossier Hall
Cupps, Eileen Celeste, 815 Woodyard Dr
Cyiark, Alexander Timotheus, 212 Kingston Dr
Cyriaque, Carolyn Reliford, 703 Brahma Dr
Dahlhoff, Jacob, 128 Boudreaux St
Daniels, Brandon Bernard, 206 Sylvan Dr
Daniels, Demika Lekisa, 132 Vienna Pkwy
Daniels, Rose Mary, 132 Vienna Pkwy
Dannettelle, April Nicole, 337 Sirod St
Dartez, Jessica Michele, 4431 Hwy 3278 #D
Davenport Jr, Roosevelt, 7546 Hwy 6
Davidson, Edwin Maynard, 102 Arrington Ave
Davidson, Kyteja Sharde, 100 Maria Ln #R1
Davidson, Monique Sherell, 500 Lakeview Dr #506
Davidson, Starla Pearl, 500 Lakeview Dr #506
Davis, Catherine Josephine, 421 E 5th St
Davis, Corinthia Beatrice, 2348 Hwy 6 #5
Davis, Eric Lavance, 1024 Parkway Dr
Davis, Frankie Ray, 275 N Railroad St
Davis, Glen Eric, 505 Sanford St
Davis, Sandra Anita, 1024 Parkway Dr
Davis, Timothy Lynn, 205 Kingston Dr
Daye, Kathleen Marie, 203 Sidney St
Dean, Connor, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #43
Deen, Casey William, 736 University Parkway
Deggs, Sarah Elizabeth, 200 Tarlton Dr #428
Delry, Shunda Renee, 1414 Hwy 1 #502
Demars, Lloyd Henry, 613 Pavie St
Demas, Aquanella Delisa, 620 Railroad St
Demas, Curtis Landell, 140 Gibson St #2
Denhams Sr, Micah Aaron, 110 Payne Dr
Dennis, Dominique Desiree, 130 Gibson St
Dennis, Virginia Sue, 236 Shoreline Rd
Dennis, William H, 236 Shoreline Rd
Desha, Cornelius J, 138 Hwy 1227
Devargas, Christopher Anthony, 701 Melrose Ave
Deville, Casie Achord, 701 Garland Rd
Deville, Michael George, 701 Garland Rd
Diggs, Sarah Rosetta, 160 Tarlton Dr #1205
Dillon, Cortney Markez, 717 Harry Dr
Doane, Micah Paul, 106 Chinquapin Pl
Domangue, Kyle Anthony, 200 Tarlton Dr #316
Donald, Derek, 118 Cypress Ave #A
Douget, Phillip John, 1 Nsu Rapides Hall
Douglas Sr, Eric Shane, 100 Greystone Dr #B-6
Douglas, Kathryn Sue, 700 Melrose Ave
Drawhorn, Eva Wallace, 1122 Berry Ave
Drumgo, Demarcus Decoreyeah, 200 Tarlton Dr #813
Dubois, Chaise Aristede, 100 Boudreaux St
Dufour, Christopher Michael, 439 Stephens Ave #C
Dumars, Ruby Lee, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #26
Dunn, Susan Beatrice, 402 Collins Rd
Durbin, Sheila Hay, 896 Hwy 504
Durham, Brenda Jane, 1522 Barclay Dr
Durham, Miles Garrett, 114 Chinquapin Dr
Durkee, Sarah, 222 2nd St
Dyer, Alfonse Dimitri, 1 Nsu Bossier Hall
Ealy, Jasmine Tonita, 160 Tarlton Dr #4106
Ealy, Ladarius Devonte, 114 Cypress Ave #A
Ealy, Shamika Shantell, 200 Tarlton Dr #1124
Easterling, Stabrina Annette, 100 Greystone Dr #D-2
Edgerson, Paislee Noel, 700 University Parkway #201
Edmonston, Bryn Nicole, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4309
Edwards, Amy Nicole, 197 Laird Fletcher Rd
Edwards, Ashley Nichole, 400 Lakeview Dr #4123
Edwards, Brushie Arnell, 1006 Oma St
Edwards, James David, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #57
Edwards, Jason Derrick, 197 Laird Fletcher Rd
Edwards, Johnny, 400 Lakeview Dr #4107
Edwards, Mary Louise, 713 Kerry St
Edwards, Nichole Millette, 1217 Virginia Ave
Edwards, Robert, 713 Kerry St
Ehrlinspiel, Megan Maria, 200 Tarlton Dr #724
Eldreth II, Blaine Edward, 1505 Westcourt Dr
Eli, Shauntell Monique, 421 McDodson Way #B
Elie, Veronica Iheiapa, 1120 Washington St #27
Ellefson, Trystan Alton Alan, 255 Taylor Rd
Ellett, Darin Munholland, 433 E 3rd St #A
Elliott, Paula Sharrell, 4473 Hwy 3278
Ellis, Hailey Renee, 200 Tarlton Dr #725C
Elqutub, Yaser Hany, 200 Tarlton Dr #611
Emmitt, Arthur Lee, 1414 Hwy 1 #202
Emrick Jr, Kenneth James, 3469 Old River Rd
Epps, Jarvis, 127 Reba St #B
Errington, Paul Joseph, 1212 Miller Farm Rd
Eubanks, Demetrius Devin, 200 Tarlton Dr
Eubanks, Jasie, 3800 University Parkway #622
Evans, Clay J, 903 Saint Clair Ave
Evans, Cody Durell, 113 Magnolia Dr
Evans, Joseph Allan, 112 Behan St #B
Evans, Justin Dewayne, 183 Hwy 3191 #114
Evans, Melissa L, 903 Saint Clair Ave
Evans, Nina Ray, 1616 Northern St
Evans, Oscar, 1718 Lake St
Evans, Vanessa Katrell, 100 Greystone Dr #A-3
Exsentico II, Antonio Ramon, 135 University Dr
Fabre, Rachel Elizabeth, 200 Tarlton Dr #324-C
Fabrizio Jr, Robert Brian, 160 Tarlton Dr #2318-A
Fagundes II, Jason Luka, 4431 Hwy 3278 #K
Fair, Emily Brooke, 2250 Williams Ave Ext
Faircloth, Alysa Dawn, 1539 Payne Ave
Fairley, Jackie Lanora, 1307 1/2 N 5th St #C
Fairley, John Wesley, 724 Keyser Ave
Farrow, Demetrix James, 153 Pierson St
Ficklin, Betty Jane, 108 Harry Dr
Ficklin, Nicholas Deon, 1606 Meadows Dr
Fields, Shawntika Renee, 1616 Westcourt Dr
Fillers, Annie Carolyn, 200 Tarlton Dr #324
Finkel, Denis Jacob, 224 Stephens Ave
Finley, Natisha Tilwanna, 300 Lakeview Dr #4002
Fisher, Ruthie Lee, 1430 Northern St
Flakes, Irene Michelle, 828 Clarence Dr
Flomer, Walter Albritton, 310 Elvira Dr #410
Flores, Raquel Raissa, 200 Tarlton Dr #525
Flournoy, Kerry Javar, 510 Royal St
Flournoy, Misty Martin, 510 Royal St
Floyd, James Franklin, 117 Settles Landing
Flynn, Michael Daniel, 3215 Old River Rd
Fontenot II, Richard Keith, 200 Tarlton Dr #1024
Ford Jr, Lancy, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #2
Ford, Ebony Monique, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #24
Ford, Kayla Marie, 111 Tjoe St
Forest Jr, Donald Dewayne, 102 Harry Dr
Forque, Andrew Craig, 132 Tjoe St
Foshee, Michael Scott, 130 Tjoe St
Foster, Ian Thomas, 106 Chinquapin Pl
Fountain Jr, Warren Dale, 343 Franklin Ln
Fountain, Cortez Deon, 343 Franklin Ln
Fountain, Najwa Santrice, 343 Franklin Ln
Fountain, Rhonda Shay, 343 Franklin Ln
Fous, Richard Joshua, 100 Melrose Ave #705
Fox, Amy Rose, 125 North St
Fox, Denise Lynn, 208 Aloys Circle
Francis, Jennifer R, 409 Elvira Dr
Franklin, Delrix Deaundra, 234 Laird Fletcher Rd
Frater-Schmidt, Aaron, 470 Hwy 3191 #B
Frazier, Amber L, 1629 J C Deblieux Dr
Frazier, Jessica Monique, 197 Bayou Dr
Fredericks, Jamie Bradley, 1411 Williams Ave
Fredieu, Alaysia Jaynes, 307 Paula Ln
Freeman, Gordon Avery, 386 Monroe Dr
French, Paul Harrison, 1404 Westcourt Dr
Fruga, Effie Hudson, 148 Vienna Pkwy
Fuller, Dewaskie Chantez, 105 Jason Ln
Fuselier, Chaz Paul, 200 Tarlton Dr #225C
Gabrey, Steven W, 757 Saint Maurice Ln
Gafford, David, 107 Mary Dr
Gallashaw, Janae Jacqueline, 108 Behan St #A
Gallien, Kayla Latrice, 207 Sylvan Dr
Gallien, Taylor Neomi, 176 Frontier Ave
Galloway, Janice Yvonne, 1901 South Dr #842
Garcia, Juliana, 200 Tarlton Dr #717
Gardner, Billie Duncan, 122 Fox Run Dr
Gardner, Eve Marie, 122 Fox Run Dr
Garner, Alesha Renee, 1010 Clarence Dr
Garner, Delores Brown, 329 Fairgrounds Rd
Garner, Deonrick D, 100 Lakeview Dr #1001
Garner, Jermaine Deroid, 329 Fairgrounds Rd
Garrett, Theresa Ann Bynum, 1330 Washington St #324
Gaston, Lee Andrea, 417 Jefferson St
Gay, Barney R, 1501 Amulet St
Gay, Jasmine Rena, 203 Rowena St
Geesman, Vincent Raymond, 700 Bossier St #3
Gentry, Sheila Mae, 1 Nsu Rapides Hall
George, James Arthur, 1 Nsu Varnado Hall #541
Germany, Shantrice Tresha, 200 Tarlton Dr #615
Gewin II, Clarence Nathan, 119 Beau Fort Blvd
Gewin, Elsa Edelmira, 119 Beau Fort Blvd
Gianforte, Emily Camille, 100 Melrose Ave #1502
Gibson, Dianne Sullivan, 4273 University Parkway
Gipson, Tamekia Raneke, 200 Tarlton Dr #824
Glasscock, Cassandra Shea, 200 Willow Bend Dr #208
Godwin, Leslie Johns, 210 Miranda Loop #1
Goldsmith, Chelsey, 145 Cypress Ave
Golston, Gwendolyn Deloris, 636 Abbie Dr
Gonzalez, Carmelita, 127 Sisson Rd #B
Gooden, Betty Jo, 6534 Hwy 6
Goodie, Trevor William, 700 University Parkway #213
Gourdon, Alexis Leann, 1912 Texas St
Gragg, Ashley Marie, 100 S Williams Ave #31
Graham, Bryan Worth, 170 Bennett Loop
Graham, Christopher Edward, 2083 Eight Mile Loop
Graves, Elizabeth A, 210 Jefferson St
Gray, Steven Bradley, 774 Hwy 504
Grayson, Elvira Nettie, 990 Catholic Ln
Grayson, John O, 800 Merilyn Ave
Grayson, Justin Oquinn, 307 Southcourt Dr
Grayson, Robin, 990 Catholic Ln
Green, Camren McHele, 200 Tarlton Dr #824
Green, Carol J, 1513 Keyser Ave
Green, Jack Hubert, 111 Shady Grove Cutoff Rd
Green, Jeffrey E, 1513 Keyser Ave
Green, Jessie Jobas, 202 Julien Circle
Green, Kristian Tiffany, 200 Tarlton Dr #426
Green, Lajessieka, 202 Julien Circle
Green, Lena Mae, 310 Miller Creek Dr
Green, Reed Christopher, 101 Touline St #206
Gregorek, Marylee Carol Procell, 330 Williams Ave
Grey, Eula Kay, 159 Cherie Loop
Griffin, Jocelyn Jeree, 160 Tarlton Dr #1101
Griffin, Sandra Rosetta, 402 Sanford St
Griffith, Matthew Dang, 102 Penceno Ln
Griffith, Savana Mooty, 102 Penceno Ln
Grizzle, Casey Lane, 150 Sisson Rd
Guidry, Jake Thomas Lee, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #50
Guidry, Kimberley Ann, 192 Independence St
Guidry, Whitney Bernard Nerida, 100 Melrose Ave #506
Guillory, Brenda K, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #40
Gurley, Inda Alexandra, 162 Frontier Ave
Guthrie III, Charles Lee, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #213
Gutierrez, Gabriela Maria, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #24
Habig, Michael Philip, 155 Orchard Run
Hadams, Olivia Nikita, 3800 University Parkway
Hagan, Christopher Joseph, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #12
Hagen, Cherry Mariah, 207 Lebleu St
Hair, Melissa Lynn W, 646 Fish Hatchery Rd
Hajka, Nicole Renee, 200 Tarlton Dr #612
Hale, Phillip, 141 Highland Dr
Hale, Sandra Mitchell, 141 Highland Dr
Haley, Heather Nicole, 200 Tarlton Dr #828D
Hall, Carolyn Michelle, 142 Frontier Ave
Hall, Patricia Ranise, 450 Scarborough Ave
Hammons, Sandra Kay, 2295 Hwy 6
Hancock, Chad Steven, 403 St Francis Ave
Hancock, Jenny Kathryn, 403 St Francis Ave
Handy, Genica Nicole, 100 Hazel St #212
Hanks, Autumn Jayde, 100 Melrose Ave #408
Hannegan, Len Winifred, 115 Fox Run Dr
Haralson, Hunter Gene, 160 Tarlton Dr #4119
Harang, Carrie L, 103 Klaire Circle #2
Hardee, Janie Lacaze, 307 Fairgrounds Rd #16
Hardy, Deborah Slater, 932 Nettie St
Hardy, Yeshua Yarnice, 160 Tarlton Dr
Hargis, Erica Nicole, 200 Tarlton Dr #417
Hargrove, Ralisia M, 200 Tarlton Dr #828
Harper, Sidney Rae, 115 S Williams Ave
Harris, Darrin Lamont, 7518 Hwy 1 By Pass #6
Harris, James Christopher, 212 Melissa Pl
Harris, Lashanda Emeaka, 311 Fairgrounds Rd
Harrison, Peggy Ann, 374 Franklin Ln
Hartley, Gary Leon, 4604 Hwy 3278
Hartley, Linda Hunt, 4604 Hwy 3278
Harvey, Tyla Rachele, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #3176
Harville, Daphne, 416 Carver Ave
Haskett, Tynica Renee, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #26
Hatch, Beth Ann, 710 Saint Clair Ave
Hatch, Gary Lynn, 710 Saint Clair Ave
Hatchet, Terrence Quartrell, 940 Dixie St
Hauptman, Hannah Angelle, 715 University Parkway
Hayes, Callie Denise, 200 Tarlton Dr #1016
Haywood, Thelma Dolores, 201 Aloys Circle
Hearne, Coleman Douglas, 3800 University Parkway #222
Heath, Michael Austin, 213 Aloys Circle
Heath, Nicholas James, 506 Elvira Dr
Helaire, Edna Marie, 340 Rockford Church Rd
Helaire, Yerasha Lana, 142 Kingston Dr
Helire II, Michael Joseph, 204 University Dr
Helire, Voisan Michael, 204 University Dr
Henderson, Brad, 200 Tarlton Dr #823
Henderson, Bridget Omar, 114 Lakefront Dr
Henderson, Leiah Lachelle, 114 Lakefront Dr
Henderson, Timothy Deloyd, 134 Mary Dr
Herbert, Kaila Ann Lania, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4103
Herring, Jace Allen, 1453 Old River Rd
Hicks, Brian K, 220 Ragan St
Hicks, Daraseres, 3800 University Parkway
Hicks, Jonathan, 914 E 5th St
Higginbotham IV, Eddie, 160 Tarlton Dr #1313
Hill, Oriana Allegra, 1574 Texas St
Hillard, Brandon Scott, 301 Percy St
Hills, Jakalyn Rosemond, 160 Tarlton Dr #2312-B
Hilton, Josephine Perez, 613 Saint Maurice Ln
Hilton, Owen Shane, 325 Fairgrounds Rd #8
Hinds, Heather Lerae, 199 Franklin Ln
Hogan, Betty Michelle, 160 Penceno Ln
Hogan, Christina E, 321 Ralph St
Hogan, Greg Anthony, 321 Ralph St
Holden, Angela N, 1901 South Dr #962
Holden, Erica Rene, 226 Melissa Pl
Holden, Latoria Latrice, 400 Lakeview Dr #4202
Holden, Michelle Roberson, 421 McDodson Way #B
Holdsworth, Tyler Reed, 200 Tarlton Dr #627
Holland, Linda A, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #37
Holland, Sybil Quick, 1480 Bayou Derbonne Rd
Holley, Shirley Allen, 300 Ralph St
Hollingsworth, Francine E, 233 Pierson St
Hollins, Johnny J, 100 S Jefferson St #K
Holman, Bryson Jamaal, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #10
Holmes, Sedrick Wayne, 203 Fairgrounds Rd
Honore, Cynthia Ann, 321 Miller Creek Dr
Hooper, Rigoletto Valdarious, 701 Brahma Dr
Hoover, Katrina Angelica, 116 Reba St #106
Hoover, Lebronte Deshon, 105 Jason Ln
Hoover, Trecey Cherie, 105 Jason Ln
Hopkins, Christopher Aaron, 800 E 2nd St
Horn, Nicole, 634 Jackson Dr
Housley Jr, Ellis, 213 Miranda Loop #2
Howard, Alicia Dawn, 509 Stephens Ave
Howard, Billy Ray, 700 University Parkway #108
Howard, Daja F, 154 Mill St
Howard, Kadrian Kentrell, 100 Lakeview Dr #604
Howard, Lorenzo Lachoy, 608 Myrtle Dr
Howard, Robin Charell, 206 Kingston Dr
Howard, Shaterrika Renee, 100 Lakeview Dr #301
Howard, Shercca Michelle, 403 Airport Rd
Howard, Tracie Pierre, 440 Fairgrounds Rd
Hubbard, Abby Elizabeth, 413 Sirod St
Hudson, Crystal Gail, 207 Airport Rd
Hudson, Dawn Elaine, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #D22
Hudson, Kendria Michelle, 230 Fairgrounds Rd
Hudson, Rella Lenea, 1428 Georgia Ann St
Huff, Jesamin Jaime Ann, 836 Clarence Dr
Hull, Robert Eugene, 261 Sandra St
Hunt, Leslie Elizabeth, 125 North St
Hunter, Iitiana Breshae, 500 North St #F-1
Hunter, Jerry Hammonds, 240 Hwy 1222
Hunter, Tucker Walker, 240 Hwy 1222
Hutson, Shenita Nicole, 303 Airport Rd
Hymes Jr, Macie Earl, 103 Klaire Circle #1
Hymes, Brittany Monique, 230 Michelle Dr
Hymes, Rhegan, 126 Carolina Ave
Ibnmohammed, Sadik, 142 University Dr
Irchirl, Mildred Flanigan, 1500 Amulet St
Jackson, Christopher Deandre, 134 Fern St
Jackson, Craft Willie, 100 Melrose Ave #812
Jackson, Henry, 100 Maria Ln
Jackson, Lawrence Jacole, 160 Tarlton Dr #3202
Jackson, Michael Dewayne, 129 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Jackson, Patrick Earl, 500 North St #O4
Jackson, Tammy Lynette, 104 Amanda St
Jackson, Tanika Shantrel, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #36
Jackson, Thomas Michael, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #24
James, Amir Hasan, 200 Tarlton Dr
James, Lyneshia Katress, 200 Tarlton Dr
Jardes III, Alfred Louis, 465 Main St
Jefferson, Earl D, 619 Amulet St
Jefferson, Louisiaire Brown, 428 Payne St
Jeffery, Arlen Lewis, 825 Whitfield Dr
Jeffery, Penny E, 825 Whitfield Dr
Jenkins, David, 179 Twin Lakes Dr
Jenkins, Thomas David, 114 Mt Olive Church Rd
Johnson II, Fulton R, 507 Elvira Dr
Johnson, Brandice Nicole, 115 Sarah St
Johnson, Charisma Laquan, 202 Henry Ave
Johnson, Christopher Eugene, 614 Garland Rd
Johnson, Cordero Lavell, 413 Hedges St
Johnson, Daisy Lee, 8482 Hwy 1
Johnson, Dominique Dewayne, 109 Boudreaux St
Johnson, Jaymee, 100 Melrose Ave #1201
Johnson, Khwame, 171 Cedar Grove Dr
Johnson, Lakeshia, 534 Camelia Dr
Johnson, Octavious S, 217 North St
Johnson, Precious L, 225 Ralph St
Johnson, Taesha Lashae, 1230 Old Robeline Rd #B-106
Johnson, Terrance Marquise, 140 Marie St
Johnson, Tremaine Lnydell, 314 Duplex St
Jones Jr, Carl Louis, 1 Nsu Bossier Hall
Jones, Anthony Deshawn, 1511 Gold St
Jones, Brittney Nicole, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #47
Jones, Christine, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #47
Jones, Danielle Michelle, 114 Cypress Ave #A
Jones, Daveon, 160 Tarlton Dr #216
Jones, Deshalyn, 160 Tarlton Dr
Jones, Divion Sharmon, 100 Maria Ln #32
Jones, Haley Dawn, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #19
Jones, Hannah Danielle, 427 Saint Denis St
Jones, Kendra Roushun, 172 Caspari St
Jones, Rose Pierre, 135 Franklin Ln
Jones, Shawnta Rnee, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #47
Jones, Shawonda Monique, 100 Lakeview Dr #203
Jones, Trinity, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #2
Jordan Jr, Robert A, 1 Nsu Varnado Hall #121
Joseph, Xavier Marquis, 100 Maria Ln #X-2
Junkin, Lauren Elizabeth, 715 University Parkway
Kahey, Ta’kerria Nichole, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #47
Keele, Timothy Ryan, 111 Behan St
Kelley, Claudia Sharon, 1915 Texas St #A
Kelly Sr, Jessie Charles, 409 North St
Kelone, Kristina Jones, 517 Saint Maurice Ln
Kennedy, Lyia Laquwon, 1230 Old Robeline Rd #B205
Kennedy, Timmaney Alexis, 129 Tjoe St
Khoo, Jobina Mei, 512 Melrose Ave
Kientz, Amy Elizabeth, 110 Royal St
Kikeh, Destiny Fatima, 700 Bossier St #18
Kilgore, Jimmy David, 1330 Washington St #328
King, Paula Yvette, 100 Greystone Dr #D3
Kinney, Anthony Wayne, 511 Virginia Ave
Kirts, Britiqua Shangwine, 300 Lakeview Dr #5104
Klemme, Jennifer Elder, 1433 Washington St
Knecht, Dorothy R, 1510 Westcourt Dr
Koleas, Jonathan Morgan, 210 Renee St
Koleas, Mary Sheila, 210 Renee St
Kremer, Jacob C, 165 Alice St
Kuhn, Marla Smith, 214 Bird Ave
Labom, Brandon Joseph, 210 St Jerard Ave
Lacaze, John Levy, 319 Bennett Loop
Lacaze, Kenton Jerone, 220 Kelly St
Lacaze, Tia Walker, 220 Kelly St
Lacour, Demetrice Demone, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #13
Lacour, Elsie M, 1762 Johnson Chute Rd
Lacour, Joshua Maurice, 2540 Fish Hatchery Rd
Lacour, Stephanie Ann, 617 Abbie Dr
Lacour, Willie L, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #13
Lacy, Brittany, 160 Tarlton Dr
Lacy, Cierre K, 700 University Parkway #217
Lafosse Jr, Collins Lee, 164 Cele Cook Dr
Lafosse, Jensen Leann, 164 Cele Cook Dr
Lamitina, Anne Marie, 100 Melrose Ave #712
Landry, Karen Ann, 151 Vienna Bend Dr
Lang, Drelon Brunshae, 160 Tarlton Dr #4339
Larcarte, Casey Monique, 102 Elvira Dr
Lard, Belinda Denise, 136 University Dr
Lard, Martrevious T, 136 University Dr
Laroue, Judith Ann, 136 2nd St #2
Latino III, Leon Vincent, 130 Boyd St
Laurence, Christopher Lane, 508 Garland Rd
Laurence, Natalie E Edens, 508 Garland Rd
Lawhorne, John Archie, 145 Bucks Grocery Rd
Lawrence, Anitria, 408 Winona St
Layton, Regina Carter, 528 1/2 Saint Maurice Ln
Lee, Claudia Wyetta, 340 South Dr
Lee, Jeffrey Scott, 100 S Williams Ave #27
Lee, Jennifer Jeanine, 202 Aloys Circle
Lee, Sidney Duane, 202 Aloys Circle
Lee, Tabatha Malane, 210 Fairgrounds Rd #21
Legardy, Tanja Lamise, 1606 McClelland Dr
Leggett, Randy L, 100 Melrose Ave #1504
Leleux, Matthew Dorres, 317 Fairgrounds Rd
Lemoine, Myrna Roy, 244 Plantation Point Blvd
Leon, Alvin Keith, 188 Celina Dr
Leon, Felicia Lashawn, 188 Celina Dr
Leone, Angela White, 1636 Hwy 1
Leszewski, Todd Joseph, 253 Plantation Point Blvd
Lewis, Angel Jamaica, 160 Tarlton Dr
Lewis, Jarvis Dewayne, 101 Klaire Circle #1
Lewis, Mark Wayne, 105 Connie Dr
Lewis, Taprica Nicole, 510 Elvira Dr
Lindsey, Herbert Lee, 801 2nd St #B
Lingle, Matthew Dwayne, 136 2nd St #1
Little, William Keith, 12568 Hwy 1
Llorence Jr, Louis Edgar, 191 Melle St
Lloyd-Jones, Fonda M, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #13
Lodridge, Angela Bryce, 416 New Roads Rd
Logan, Carla Marie, 169 Blanchard Rd #14
Logan, Trevon Ikei, 1408 Bennie Davis St
Lonadier, Karen Briggs, 231 Desadier Rd
London, Nia Imani, 200 Tarlton Dr #321
Long, Gerald, 322 Monroe Dr
Long, Timothy, 319 Adelaide St
Lott, Shakeithra Labrijayte, 202 Miranda Loop #1
Lotts, Zachary Reese Lenard, 2290 Hwy 6 #STE C
Lowe, Carlos Dwight, 421 McDodson Way
Lowe, Tabitha K, 815 Woodyard Dr #16
Lowe, Tyrah Kaye, 120 Reba St #C
Lowery, Connor Joseph, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4901
Luafalemana Jr, Roger, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #35
Lucas, Katrina Renee, 300 Lakeview Dr #4001
Lucas, Kiara Lashuan, 815 Woodyard Dr #17
Lucas, Laronda, 1437 Jeansonne St
Lugo, Elizabeth M, 5760 Hwy 494
Lynch, Linda Sue, 164 Stillie Lynch Rd
Lyons, Alyssa Lynn, 174 Caspari St
Mackey, Erimy Jakeyra, 112 Ellen St
Maggio Jr, Andrew Vincent, 909 Jeston Dr
Maggio, Kathryn Lynne, 817 Whitfield Dr
Mahlke, Meridith D, 534 Elizabeth St
Mahoney, Kalen John, 1 Nsu Bossier Hall
Maielli, Chelsea N, 124 Behan St #C
Malbrue, Lexy Antonio, 130 North St
Maley, Ollie Harrington, 1212 Williams Ave
Mallard, Justice Raymond, 203 Hwy 1222
Mallard, Mary Ricks, 203 Hwy 1222
Malone, Antonio O, 207 Airport Rd
Manning, Carolyn J, 827 Posey St
Manning, Staci Danielle, 827 Posey St
Marino, Michael Toups, 200 Tarlton Dr #425
Marr, Christina Dupuy, 1800 Johnson Chute Rd
Marr, Colleen Rose, 415 Stephens Ave
Marr, Daniel Tyler, 1800 Johnson Chute Rd
Marr, James Muricee, 415 Stephens Ave
Martin, Alysha Denay, 116 Reba St #104
Martin, Alyssa Lee, 209 Pine St
Martin, Jennifer Lynn, 100 S Williams Ave #10
Mashburn, Lucas Ronald, 114 St Anne St
Mason, Madeline Nicole, 107 Elvira Dr
Mason, Willie C, 2627 Hwy 1
Mathews, Kathryn Anne, 316 Fulton Rd
Mathews, Mitchell, 200 Willow Bend Dr #225
Matthiesen, Daniel Todd, 509 Saint Maurice Ln
Maxie, Jennifer Nicole, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #I45
Mayeaux, Jarred Brett, 187 East Ridge Dr
Mayeaux, Rachel Jean, 180 Chester Ln
Mayrand, Gary Lee, 195 Elijah Stephens Rd
Mays, Brennan Perry, 306 Williams Ave
McAskill, Duane Roderick, 175 Frontier Ave
McCain, Cynthia Lee, 1626 Johnson Chute Rd
McCain, Samuel Logan, 411 Hancock Ave
McCallister, Lee, 109 Jamar Dr
McCallister, Terrie L Sikes, 109 Jamar Dr
McCann, Morgan Rose, 416 McDodson Way #D
McClanahan, Ashly Ann, 115 Fairgrounds Rd #56
McClellan, Joel Ruben, 415 Henry Ave
McClendon, Chasity Mone, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #34
McCullough, Glenn Thomas, 206 Live Oak Cir
McCullough, Sally Beth, 206 Live Oak Cir
McDaniel, Melonia Leann, 700 Bossier St #13
McDonald, Patrick Cullen, 160 Tarlton Dr
McDowell, Nancy Dyer, 2010 Nolley St
McElwee, Jonathan Lee, 523 Saint Clair Ave
McElwee, Lindsay Maggio, 523 Saint Clair Ave
McFarlin, Johnathan Lucas, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #22
McGill, Brittany Shirta, 706 Elvira Dr
McGraw, Asia Monique, 140 North St #3
McGregor, Kelsey Anne, 509 Saint Maurice Ln
McKinney, Chadrick Dewayne, 202 Kingston Dr
McKnight, Keshira Evian, 160 Tarlton Dr
McLamore, Myeka Creshawn, 712 Myrtle Dr
McNeal, Shadeana Monta, 1408 Theophile Aly
McPherson, Sandra Joanne, 136 Boyd St
McQueen, Britton Michael, 2395 Fish Hatchery Rd
McTyre Jr, James Paul, 221 Cades Camp Rd
Melton, Crystal Nicole, 156 Vienna Rd
Meredith, Micheal Edward, 205 Fairgrounds Rd
Merl, Paul A, 221 Hwy 6
Merrill, Lacy Ann, 126 Penceno Ln
Merritt, Catherine Raynelle, 1224 Grace Ave
Metoyer II, Marshall Paul, 546 Hwy 3191
Metoyer, Amanda Danielle, 546 Hwy 3191
Metoyer, Cara Jane, 2684 Hwy 494
Metoyer, Dorothy Balthazar, 1230 Holmes St
Metoyer, Justin Paul, 294 Franklin Ln
Metoyer, Laura Ann, 234 Marie St
Miceli, Katie Lynne, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #30
Michaelson, Yetta Zoe, 195 Campbell Dr #A
Middleton, Calvin John, 1230 Old Robeline Rd #D-216
Milam Jr, Timothy Earl, 105 Elvira Dr
Miller, Ernest Hubbard, 408 Winona St
Miller, Marc Ivan, 555 Parkway Dr
Miller, Mickey Dewayne, 500 Lakeview Dr #530
Miller, Patricia Kay, 835 Whitfield Dr
Milner, Monique, 707 Saint Maurice Ln
Mims Jr, Lesil, 212 Gibson St
Minish, Cheyenne Marie, 531 John Watley Rd
Minor, Amber Renee, 821 Rikard Ln
Minor, Amy Elizabeth, 215 Northwood Ln
Mitchell, Ambriota N, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #16
Mitchell, Antrane Monique, 189 Michelle Dr
Mitchell, Ashley Nicole, 160 Tarlton Dr #3318
Mitchell, Chasity Monique, 5753 Hwy 71
Mitchell, Deandrea Lenard, 1314 Breda Ave
Mitchell, Janice Faye, 124 Caspari St #B
Mols, Brian Clark, 401 Saint Maurice Ln
Monette, Cortney Daniell, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #1
Monroe, Terry Wayne, 1203 Ellis St
Montgomery, Kathryn Augusta, 172 Collins Rd
Moody, Shernella Monek, 783 Whitfield Dr
Moody-Love, Latasha Lynn, 138 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Moore, Andre Lee, 146 Greenville Dr
Moore, Ashisa Michelle, 230 Hampton St
Moore, Kristmas Kristine, 1616 J C Deblieux Dr
Moore, Mieke Emmels, 1480 Bayou Derbonne Rd
Moore, Rolonda Lashay, 627 Conville Cir
Moore, Thomas Haywood, 160 Tarlton Dr
Moreau, Ruth G, 851 Patrick Rd
Moreland, Russell White, 161 Patrick Rd
Moreno Ponte, Oscar Ignacio, 124 Orchard Run
Morgan, Hannah Nicole, 210 Northwood Ln
Morgenstern, Dale James, 100 S Williams Ave #23
Morris, Caylin Janelle, 774 Old Bayou Pierre Rd
Morris, Denishal Trinyell, 111 Hwy 117 #203
Morrison, Tyra Gabrielle, 160 Tarlton Dr
Morrow, Patricia Perry, 177 Chinquapin Dr
Mosley, Shannin Denise, 135 University Dr
Mousa, Mahmoud Ali, 400 Lakeview Dr #4103
Mouton, Kayla Lashelle, 100 Lakeview Dr #108
Muhammad, Sabah McSheppard, 207 High St
Mullally, Alexia Rae, 160 Tarlton Dr #4151
Murders, Natascha, 853 Parkway Dr
Murphy, Barbara Ann, 1524 Pauline St
Myers, Nora Gardner, 238 River Bend Dr #238
Nash Jr, Mitchell, 120 Patricia Dr
Nash, Frederick Desean, 809 July St
Nash, Jasmine Danielle, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #G-33
Nash, Joseph Leon, 1901 South Dr #815
Nasrawi, Mona Anne, 328 Demeziere St
Nation, Emily Moore, 1514 Barclay Dr
Neal, Bianca Denise, 500 North St #D4
Neal, Carrolyn Anita, 500 North St #C-3
Nelson, Carol Annette, 3215 Old River Rd
Nelson, Vicki Karen, 943 3rd St #B
Nesbitt, Breigh Anna, 160 Tarlton Dr #1316
Newsom, Cade Edward, 160 Tarlton Dr #3312
Newsome, Nekkolla, 115 Caspari St
Newton, Joshua Adam, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #35
Newton, Karen F, 621 Royal St
Nichols Jr, Johnny Clyde, 200 Melrose Ave
Nichols, Shelia Denise, 218 Julia Ann Dr
Nielsen, Zachary Richard, 100 S Williams Ave #1
Niewind, Derek Brantley, 1416 E 5th St
Nixon, Ashley Monique, 200 Tarlton Dr #313
Norman, Micheal, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #1
Northcutt, Martina Meagan, 303 Martin Dr
Norwood, Candice Charmyne, 1327 Berry Ave
Norwood, Josephine Everritt, 1420 E 5th St
Norwood, Stephen Boyd, 1420 E 5th St
Notice, Derrick Andrew, 821 Collins Rd
Oates, John Arthur, 209 Chris St
Ocloo, Aku Elizabeth, 319 Cherie Loop
Ocon, Catherine Marie, 1230 Old Robeline Rd #E-121
Odom, Kiaria Lashae, 1200 Washington St #B
Oglesby, Leslie Wade, 316 Plantation Point Blvd
Oldemeyer, Jon Preston, 2143 Johnson Chute Rd
Oliver, Brandon Lamont, 157 Marie St
Ortis, Melissa, 200 Tarlton Dr #1015
Ortiz, Sonia Ivette, 439 Stephens Ave #D
Outlaw, Eva Marie, 821 Hwy 3191
Owusu-Duku, Angela Rachel, 346 Monroe Dr
Pablo, Jonathan Vijay Ignalio, 814 Clarence Dr
Page, Tanyekea, 1527 Bivens St
Page, Tracy Lynn, 121 Kaffie Dr
Palmer, Jeanie Blont, 1540 Sabine St
Parker, Bailey Hope Boles, 124 Behan St #A
Parker, Betty M, 1518 Mandel St
Parker, Kevin Jace, 140 Pavie St
Parker, Zachary Allen, 124 Behan St #A
Patel, Akash Shilpesh, 404 Church St
Patrick, Shanard Tywayne, 169 Blanchard Rd #4
Patterson, Gabriele V, 100 Melrose Ave #106
Payne, Adrian, 201 Elvira Dr
Payne, Demetrius Dwayne, 112 Fox Run Dr
Payne, Kendrick Darrell, 200 Tarlton Dr #711
Payton, Anitra Latrice, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #22
Payton, Milbert Dwayne, 203 University Dr
Payton, Terry Ann, 174 St Luke Church Rd
Peace, Nancy Richardson, 1558 Hwy 504
Pearrie, Dontravion Delonta, 109 John Dr
Pearrie, Tierra Shantell, 109 John Dr
Pedescleaux, Jerie Shundale, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #18
Pemberton, Jannese K, 322 Miller Creek Dr
Pennington, Marteece Deone, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #25
Peoples, Jeffery Wade, 375 St Francis Ave
Peoples, Paige Tolar, 375 St Francis Ave
Perkins, Yvette Nicole, 400 Lakeview Dr #4219
Perrow, Dereginald Lamar, 1322 Grace Ave
Peters, Linda Sandlin, 1956 Williams Ave
Peterson Jr, Clyde, 1901 South Dr #940
Pham, Tina Bichloan Thi, 137 Tjoe St
Phillips, Cherrie Takeia, 129 Martin Luther King Jr Dr #B
Phillips, Parker Thomas Ray, 247 Grand Ecore Spur
Phillips, Raven Shantel, 1011 Clarence Dr
Phillips, Ronda Renie, 247 Grand Ecore Spur
Phillips, Shelia Wallace, 1011 Clarence Dr
Pier, Jeffrey C, 1409 Dixie St
Pier, Joyce Marie, 141 Beverly Rise Pl
Pierre, Tonya Taress, 106 Hill St
Pikes, Dominic A, 183 Hwy 3191 #202
Plaster, Finnley Matthew, 136 Sam Sibley Dr
Plunkett, Nicole Debra, 118 Cypress Ave #A
Pobst, Cyrus Austin, 646 Fish Hatchery Rd
Pollard, Matthew Jesse, 200 Tarlton Dr #628
Poskey, Jessie Oneal, 247 Plantation Point Blvd
Presley, Ronald S, 318 Gibson St
Price Jr, Kendrick Renard, 160 Tarlton Dr #3202
Price, Aaron Celeste, 160 Tarlton Dr #4203
Priest Jr, John C, 183 Alice St
Priest, Amanda S, 183 Alice St
Prudhomme, Edna Burnham, 516 Oakland Dr
Prudhomme, Tatrina Lynn, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #47
Pruett, Stephen Nathaniel, 1 Nsu Sabine Hall
Queen, Bennie R, 134 Laird Fletcher Rd
Rachal, Corey Littell, 1460 Bayou Derbonne Rd
Rachal, Kwaman Cortez, 440 Fairgrounds Rd
Rachal, Nova Ruth, 354 Eight Mile Loop
Rainey, Toniesha Venita, 100 Maria Ln #N2
Rains, Kimberly Kaye, 147 Carmane Rd
Rains, Timothy Shannon, 784 Old River Rd
Ramos, Katelon Ladona, 7518 Hwy 1 By Pass #5
Randle, Lance Ramon, 156 Caspari St
Randolph, Dalton, 222 2nd St
Randolph, Yvonne Marie, 1006 Pavie St
Ransome, Deborah Nolley, 1236 Williams Ave
Ransome, Mark Douglas, 1236 Williams Ave
Ratliff, Acqualine Michelle, 202 Paula Ln
Rawls, Edith, 607 Oakland Dr
Raymond, Brandon Andre, 204 Melrose Ave
Raymond, Lauren Monet, 100 Hazel St #102
Raymond, Layla Sharray, 1815 South Dr
Raymond, Xanier Fredier, 1224 Mark St
Razovsky, Helaine Debra, 501 E 5th St
Redford, Jessie, 129 Carolina Ave
Reed, Cierra Monette, 700 University Parkway #215
Reggans, Ocia L, 414 McDodson Way #A
Reich, Austin Dale, 160 Tarlton Dr #3315
Reliford, Cordricus Damelvin, 212 Kingston Dr
Reliford, Marion Porter, 1317 Amulet St
Remo, Juanita Rachal, 100 Melrose Ave #403
Remo, Karlos Djuan, 157 Marie St
Remo, Marsha Johnson, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #B-7
Richard, Michael Luke, 1519 Barclay Dr
Richard, Sonia Denise, 7157 Hwy 6
Richardson, Raymond, 405 E 5th St
Richmond, Jenna, 926 Washington St
Riggs, Susan S, 141 Fox Run Dr
Riley, Seara Nicole, 815 Woodyard Dr #12
Risi, Latoya Reid, 130 North St #3
Roberson, Clairnesha Michelle, 1430 Hill Ave
Roberson, Ian Jerrod, 1507 Gold St
Robertson, Amber Sanae, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #C13
Robinson, Agnes Lacour, 900 5th St
Robinson, Jennifer Ann, 125 Amanda St
Robinson, Patrick N, 113 Julien Circle
Robinson, Preston Wayne, 613 Woodyard Dr
Robinson, Schakeetha Yvonne, 202 Kingston Dr
Rodgers Sr, Ard Lee, 808 Woodyard Dr #2
Rodgers, Darnerio Darnelle, 100 Maria Ln #J1
Rodrigue, Shelby Taylor, 116 Reba St #106
Rodriguez, Justilia Adla, 1058 Tauzin Island Rd
Rogers, Amy Jo, 169 Blanchard Rd #13
Rogers, Scarlett Michelle, 169 Blanchard Rd #13
Rond, April Lynne, 4890 Hwy 3278 #15
Rosbottom, Patricia Oliver, 1830 Williams Ave
Rowzee, Julia Stroud, 532 Monroe Dr
Roy, Karen D, 4682 Hwy 3278
Roy, Mark C, 4682 Hwy 3278
Royer, Lane Joseph, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4303
Russell, Kelli Raeann, 160 Tarlton Dr #4127
Sabin Jr, Charles Edward, 150 Franklin Ln
Salim, Terri Christine, 6888 Hwy 6
Sampson, Jacqueline Elizabeth, 100 Greystone Dr #D-2
Sanal, Tina M, 513 Hancock Ave
Sanchez, Patti Sue, 210 Melissa Pl
Sanders Jr, Dennis Keith, 312 2nd St #29
Sanders, Arleatha Denise, 1330 Washington St #306
Sanders, Terrence Lenaire, 140 Gibson St #1
Sanicas, Marjolyn G, 100 Melrose Ave #1110
Saucier, Chasity Ann, 610 Marion St
Sauer-Jent, Jennifer Marie, 508 Elvira Dr
Schicketanz, Frank Michael, 111 Behan St
Schrecongost, Ryan Paul, 3800 University Parkway #1023
Scott Jr, Willie Joe, 421 McDodson Way #D
Scott, Charissa Yvonne, 311 Julia St
Scott, Janice Evelyn, 720 Saint Maurice Ln
Scott, Lisa Lawson, 109 Julia Ann Dr
Scott, Matthew Tyrell, 104 Kyle St #125
Scroggins, Hunter Paul, 2143 Johnson Chute Rd
Scroggins, Patricia Elaine, 210 Fairgrounds Rd #5
Seal, Myranda Ashlee, 700 University Parkway #112
Seawood, Melvin, 503 Virginia Ave
Self, Michael, 460 Henry Ave
Sepulvado, Leeann Riley, 1982 Williams Ave
Sewell, Phelan Day, 1040 Williams Ave
Sharpe, Emily Brooke, 169 Blanchard Rd #LOT 15
Shaw, Grace Eleanor, 1645 Suzanne Ln
Shaw, Jessica Shea, 221 Sirod St
Shaw, Sue M, 1618 McClelland Dr
Sheppard, Lillie Marie, 7518 Hwy 1 By Pass #15
Sheppard, Marsha Rennee, 321 Gibson St
Shields III, Tilmon, 306 Elvira Dr
Shields, Jonathan Fitzgerald, 811 Amulet St
Shields, Ocie, 826 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Shore, John, 715 University Parkway
Shows, Teresa Ann, 300 Ralph St
Sibley, Shaneika R, 208 Hampton St
Simmons, Linda Lynnell, 1403 Dixie St
Simmons, Sheena, 321 1/2 Poete St
Simmons, Sherry Lynn, 140 Hwy 6
Slate, Shernika L, 704 Brahma Dr
Slater, Brittaney Marie, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #4315
Sloan, Sheterkia Shuntae, 225 Fairgrounds Rd
Small, Tynesha Rayshell, 508 Demeziere St
Smith III, Gus, 1611 Sabine St
Smith III, Richard, 200 Willow Bend Dr
Smith Jr, Ronald Gene, 440 Fairgrounds Rd
Smith, Amy Phillips, 715 University Parkway
Smith, Brian Oneal, 307 Fairgrounds Rd #16
Smith, Carmen Marie, 114 Behan St #A
Smith, Dedric Derell, 718 Oakland Dr
Smith, Deon Semaja, 401 Airport Rd
Smith, Dwight David, 128 Pecan Grove Dr
Smith, Felicia Marie, 233 Pierson St
Smith, Jacquelyn Nicole, 239 Eight Mile Loop
Smith, Jada, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #5
Smith, Jarvis J, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #8
Smith, Jaylan Jaquan, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #32
Smith, Judy B, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #11
Smith, Laquitta Lauran, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #32
Smith, Larry Wade, 212 Deer Creek Rd
Smith, Lawanda Lashun, 718 Oakland Dr
Smith, Melissa Dawn, 100 Melrose Ave #1004
Smith, Robert Wayne, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #11
Smith, Ryan Kenneth, 1433 Washington St
Smith, Tina Lasyone, 128 Pecan Grove Dr
Smith, Vanessa Crumble, 519 Rowena St
Smith, Victor Neal, 353 Taylor Rd
Spann, Keilah Michael, 502 Elvira Dr
Spaulding, Alice Faye, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #27
Spearman, Marcus D, 1201 Virginia Ave
Speight, Laurie Sue, 203 St Jerard Ave
Speight, Sheldon Patrick, 203 St Jerard Ave
Spencer, Jermaine Trevor, 1 Nsu Bossier Hall
Spradling, Thomas Henry, 130 Francis St #B
Stallworth, Kiara Morshe, 500 North St #6
Stanley, Mackenzie, 119 Boudreaux St
Star, Tameka Lasha, 129 Gabrielle Loop
Star, Tarrance Tawight, 129 Gabrielle Loop
Stearns, Jobie Gail, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #53
Steingold, Cherie, 1017 Fish Hatchery Rd
Steingold, Hana Ann, 1017 Fish Hatchery Rd
Steingold, Steven E, 1017 Fish Hatchery Rd
Stephens, Jesse Robert, 209 Pine St
Stephenson, Michael Louis, 719A Saint Maurice Ln
Stetson, Ramon Thomas, 778 White Oak Ln
Stevenson, Davanta, 100 Hazel St #115
Stewart, Brandon Shay, 1634 Suzanne Ln
Stewart, Carrie Edwards, 1634 Suzanne Ln
Stewart, Rashima Keauneshaye, 160 Tarlton Dr #1315
Stoker, Duncan Dewitt, 131 William Sapp Rd
Stokes, Donnette Lanae, 200 Tarlton Dr
Stracener, Ashley, 200 Tarlton Dr #428
Stratton, Patricia Jane, 4592 Hwy 3278
Streetman, Brandon James, 534 Hwy 504 #4
Sullivan, Mary Dianne, 183 Alice St
Surrena, David Richard, 1205 Shady Grove Rd
Surrena, Phyllis Jean, 1205 Shady Grove Rd
Sutton, Cynthia A, 115 Cypress Ave
Sweat, Deidre Loring, 100 Greystone Dr #D-3
Sweeney, Samantha, 428 Williams Ave #B
Sydnor, Paula Latasha T, 202 Kingston Dr
Sykes, Elizabeth Ann, 1413 Holmes St
Sykes, Lakesha Shawanda, 100 Maria Ln #X-2
Sylvester, Russell Louis, 925 Parkway Dr
Tassin, Paige Elizabeth, 160 Tarlton Dr #2307
Tauai, Brittany Oswald, 163 Wells Rd
Taylor, Charlotte Johnson, 530 Azalea Dr
Taylor, Tajarius James, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #G35
Teague, Katy Ann, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #H-39
Terasa, Bennie Kay, 551 Monroe Dr
Terasa, Frederick Norbert, 551 Monroe Dr
Terry, Christopher L, 125 North St
Thanarse, Cody Larence, 1417 Dixie St
Theilen, Melane Kay, 209 S Williams Ave
Thomakos, Jeffrey D, 903 Saint Clair Ave
Thomakos, Katja S, 903 Saint Clair Ave
Thomas, Altino Daray, 137 University Dr
Thomas, Chaddrick Javeon, 160 Tarlton Dr #4207
Thomas, Demonte Bernard, 200 Tarlton Dr #1124
Thomas, Robyn Aisha, 124 Reba St #A
Thompson, Bonni Lyn, 4928 Hwy 3278 #16
Thompson, John L, 1417 Dixie St
Thompson, Maurice Antoine, 1419 Northern St
Thompson, Tangeka Sujuan Nuquel, 1417 Dixie St
Thornton, John D, 611 Parkway Dr
Thornton, Oyd Ricky, 121 Beechwood Ln
Thornton, Ruth E, 121 Beechwood Ln
Thrash, Alvin Ray, 1118 Old Robeline Rd
Thrasher, Paul Dwayne, 192 Rachal Rd
Timmon, Eddie Kent, 112 Isadore Dr
Toler, Harley Nicole, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #53
Toomer, Lidaniel Jousha, 124 Caspari St #A
Tousaint, Billy Joe, 440 Fairgrounds Rd #47
Tousaint, Katherina Nicole, 220 Fairgrounds Rd #C-13
Tousant, Lashawntee Jenay, 400 Lakeview Dr #4128
Toussaint, Crystal, 1411 W Lakeshore Dr
Toussaint, Tracey Denise, 213 Miranda Loop #2
Towns, Mrs Sherrod, 501 Keyser Ave
Townsend, Nora Elizabeth, 166 Hargis Rd
Trahan, Corey John, 700 Parkway Dr
Trent, Richard Neil, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #22
Trichel, Alexander Keith, 100 Greystone Dr #D-5
Trichel, Ida Audie Lee, 230 Fairgrounds Rd #39
Trichel, Janet Michelle, 512 Elizabeth St
Trichel, Margarita Almaguer, 100 Greystone Dr #D-5
Trimble, Catera B, 325 Fairgrounds Rd
Tucker, Destinee P, 160 Chester Ln
Tummons, David Russell, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #35
Turner, Alexis Nicol, 722 Oakland Dr
Turner, Demond Tyrail, 100 Melrose Ave #408
Turner, Lance Bouvier, 100 Lakeview Dr #106
Turpin, Jerry Dean, 949 Harling Ln
Unbehagen, Karla Jeanette, 401 Saint Maurice Ln
Underwood, Hanna Elizabeth, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #41
Utech, Tiffany Marie, 1107 Saint Maurice Ln
Vanburen, Christian Vigar, 309 Carver Ave
Vance, Justin Alexander, 160 Tarlton Dr
Vanlinder, Christina Marie, 949 Harling Ln
Vaughn, Ebony Caperiece, 321 E 6th St
Vaughn, Larry Louis, 171 Hoover Rd
Vige, Andre Bernard, 220 Lateral Ln
Wade Sr, Elton Ricardo, 324 Monroe Dr
Wade, Ryan Jude, 2630 Fish Hatchery Rd
Wafer, Leroy, 112 Isadore Dr
Wagner, Donald Ryan, 301 Fairgrounds Rd
Walker, Guy A, 2540 Fish Hatchery Rd
Walker, Henry, 1001 Saint Maurice Ln
Walker, Riley Michael, 107 Watson Dr
Walker, Robert Charles, 1120 Washington St #18
Walker, Robin Nelson, 2540 Fish Hatchery Rd
Wallace, Ella Mae, 308 Scarborough Ave
Wallace, Marvin, 256 White Oak Ln
Walston, Amanda Marie, 170 Marie St
Walston, Rose D, 170 Marie St
Walter, Beverly Ann, 214 Kingston Dr
Ward, Carl Thomas, 514 Oakland Dr
Ward, Donna Harris, 514 Oakland Dr
Wardlaw, Era Franklin, 133 Gabrielle Loop
Wardsworth, Monica Louise, 128 Reba St #C
Ware, Jacob Bryan, 199 Julia Ann Dr
Ware, Jordan Mackenzie, 199 Julia Ann Dr
Warren Jr, Paul Lee, 103 Sarah St
Washington III, Alex James, 160 Tarlton Dr #3311
Washington, Brittney Nicole, 142 Francis St
Washington, Deshawn Dezale, 106 Tjoe St
Washington, Detarius Renaldo-Reshan, 520 Virginia Ave
Washington, Elizabeth, 105 Connie Dr
Washington, Erika Denise, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #53
Washington, Mary Phillips, 212 Paula Ln
Watley, Felicia Joan, 356 John Watley Rd
Watson, Adam Demond, 160 Tarlton Dr #3217
Watson, Lennis Ezekiel, 100 Melrose Ave #1509
Watson, Molly Wise, 528 Saint Maurice Ln #A
Watts, Christopher Harris, 130 1/2 Cypress Ln
Weatherall, Jeremiah Jerome, 270 Independence St
Weaver, Harlan Bailey, 160 Tarlton Dr #4145-D
Weaver, Raymond Dee, 300 Desoto Rd
Webber, Grant Lee, 868 Old River Rd
Webber, Susan Elizabeth, 868 Old River Rd
Welch, Kaylan Elizabeth, 6223 Hwy 6
Welch, Roman Nicholas, 200 Tarlton Dr #311-D
Welch, William Philip, 160 Tarlton Dr #1112
Weldon III, Louis Lee, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #30
Wells, Ronnie, 100 Melrose Ave #1101
West, Jill Melissa, 211 Paula Ln
Westerfield, Matthew Earl, 111 Hancock Ave
Weston, Emmaleigh Davis, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #42
White, Brittany Shvell, 515 Fairgrounds Rd #1
White, Lindsey M Berling, 1398 Patrick Rd
White, Lisa Bergail, 408 Water Turkey Ranch Rd
White, Mary Ann, 1630 Sabine St
White, Thomas Richard, 720 Keyser Ave
Whitley, Darrius Demond, 300 Lakeview Dr #4902
Whitlock, Jared Shawn, 100 Greystone Dr #E-9
Whittington, Brittany Ellerbe, 4269 Old River Rd
Widhalm, Elizabeth Allums, 316 Stephens Ave
Wiggers, Mary Elizabeth, 715 University Parkway
Wiggins, Bryant Keith, 813 Koonce St
Wilhoit, Cierra Kaylea, 111 Hwy 117 #205
Wilkins, Joshua Rahnael, 160 Tarlton Dr #1306
Wilkinson, Rebecca Lynn, 336 Fulton Rd
Williams Jr, Dewitt C, 110 Chief St #5
Williams Jr, Joseph Stuart, 312 2nd St #35
Williams, Alech Lasha, 304 5th St
Williams, Alexis Chanell, 3800 University Parkway #1014
Williams, Alicia Rene, 216 Kingston Dr
Williams, Angela Nicole, 209 Airport Rd
Williams, Benny Rayford, 215 Hargis Rd
Williams, Chauncey Ramone, 700 Bossier St #2
Williams, Danielle Padilla, 112 Behan St #A
Williams, Dorothy Ann, 168 Franklin Ln
Williams, Emily R, 136 Sam Sibley Dr #513
Williams, Gennell Spry, 215 Hargis Rd
Williams, Mable B, 412 Sanford St
Williams, Perry Deshaun, 216 Kingston Dr
Williams, Sabrina Monique, 302 Elvira Dr
Williams, Samuel Stephen, 612 Hancock Ave
Williams, Shirley Drane, 612 Hancock Ave
Williams, Tiandra Yvette, 3800 University Parkway
Williams, Victoria Grace, 307 Williams Ave
Williams, Willie Cornelius, 1815 South Dr #1382
Williamson, Arthur Joseph, 1326 Virginia Ave
Willis, Alania Markeshia, 217 North St
Willis, Michael Glenn, 107 Bienville St
Willis, Troy Christian, 137 Tjoe St
Wilson Jr, Michael Pernell, 100 Lakeview Dr #1001
Wilson, Ariel Shaquay, 135 Kingston Dr
Wilson, Haley Elizabeth, 613 E 7th St
Wilson, Leroy Troy, 1520 Pauline St
Wiltz, Jill Elizabeth, 1528 Payne Ave
Wimbiscus, Clare McKenna, 541 Monroe Dr
Winey, Kyla Marie, 160 Tarlton Dr #4131-B
Winfree, Mary Cain, 109 Beau Fort Blvd
Winslow, Jaulinda Renee, 1116 Thomas St
Wolfe, Samantha Beatrice, 1313 Ash St
Wood, Richard Allen, 217 Lakeside Dr
Wood, Thomas Halliburton, 1433 Washington St
Woods, Linda Ann Williams, 732 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Word-Allen, Cathy A, 335 Stephens Ave
Wright, Jocelyn Patrice, 137 Gabrielle Loop
Wright, Roger Landon, 5650 Hwy 1 By Pass #2
Wrozek, Erin Christine, 200 Tarlton Dr #711
Yeend, Ruby Farmer, 132 Sandra St
Young, Derek James, 164 Lou Ivy Rd
Young, Jacqueline Elaine, 617 Woodyard Dr
Young, Jenifer Donn, 311 E 6th St
Young, Stephanie Dianne, 228 Pratt Ln
Zanders Jr, Emanuel, 100 Melrose Ave #1113
Zavala, Andrea Kristina, 400 Watson Dr
—— Provencal ——
Crawford, Timothy Malcolm Keifer, 2067 Hwy 117
Hill, Bettye L, 7098 Hwy 478
Keene, Amy Bearb, 109 Kisatchie Falls Rd
Keene, Jerel Douglas, 109 Kisatchie Falls Rd
Martin, Virley K, 2398 Hwy 117
Scarbrough, Joni R, 2045 Hwy 117
Stanley Jr, Dennie Almond, 6008 Longleaf Vista Rd
Stanley, Elaine Bridges, 6008 Longleaf Vista Rd
Yopp, Cora Eileen, 2969 Hwy 117
—— Robeline ——
Ainsworth, Mary Obrien, 956 Everrett Rawls Rd
Allen, Lolette Elaine, 1299 Robert Rawls Loop
Ambrose, Ary Deon, 156 Craig Loop
Barker, Virgil Lyneil, 10423 Hwy 120
Bass, Rachel Leighanne, 4204 North Blvd
Beck, Ronald Colman, 3225 Hwy 485
Blair, Dakota Ryan, 248 Webb Rd
Brister, Joshua Adam, 323 Pump Station Rd
Caster, Kimberly Leigh, 1664 Harmony Rd
Clark, Joshua Blake, 156 Mims Rd
Clark, Tyriek Jerone, 1471 Hwy 485
Coleman, Johnnie Lee, 417 John Banks Rd
Corley, Laura Mercedes, 1648 Hwy 117
Cummins, George Lawrence, 2588 King Hill Rd
Daughtry Jr, Aaron L, 2742 Hwy 120
Delong, Tamela Lynn, 108 Holly St #C
Desha, James Carlton, 3225 Hwy 485
Dieter, Anna Marie, 125 Holland Ln
Edwards, Joann Davis, 1881 Desoto St
Edwards, John Dewayne, 1881 Desoto St
Eldridge, Helen Lorene, 1898 Hwy 117
Foshee, Nuell Wayne, 118 Sim Foshee Rd
Foshee, Patricia Ann, 118 Sim Foshee Rd
Free, Jason Wade, 109 Craig Loop
Free, Thoa Kim, 109 Craig Loop
Free, Thomas Louis, 109 Craig Loop
Freeman II, Marvin Louis, 9132 Texas St
Freeman, Sue R, 591 Freeman Loop
Froust, Shannon Edwards, 1729 Hwy 117
Haire, Michael, 247 Johnnie Floyd Rd
Hamilton Sr, Joe Lee, 123 Ella St
Harper, Tracy Lynn, 4277 Hwy 478
Hassan, Zachary William, 129 John Walden Rd
Hoffpauir Jr, Jessie Lee, 7650 Oak St
Hoffpauir, Frances Onetha, 7650 Oak St
Ivy, Clayton Joe, 369 Post Mill Rd
Jenkins, Shane Michael, 9843 Hwy 120
Jones, Jessica Faye, 257 Johnnie Floyd Rd
Kerry, Deloris Ann, 757 Robeline-Provencal Rd #22
Leach, Jennifer McCall, 9132 Texas St
Lewis, Ashley Castille, 160 Cotton Gin St
Lewis, Ethel Smith, 178 Fisher Rd
Little, Kenneth Edward, 160 Mathis Rd
Lloyd, Amy Hood, 5088 Hwy 478
Lovell, Katie Johnson, 3964 Hwy 485
Matthews, Dawn Fette, 168 Mathis Rd
Mayo, Bessie Berry, 223 Adrian Berry Rd
McPherson, Lurline Allen, 9762 Hwy 120
Moore, Justin Coty, 150 Christine Moore Rd
Moran, Marcus Alan, 8333 Hwy 120
Moran, Tiffany Marie, 8333 Hwy 120
Morris, Angelica Dawn, 648 Robeline-Provencal Rd
Moses, Lindsey Nicole, 1209 Central Loop
Orsborn, Rebekah Claire, 1793 Hwy 117
Padgett, Helen McArthur, 259 Zinnie Sharp Rd
Powell, Amanda Gale, 528 Robert Rawls Loop
Prewitt, Dana Mitchell, 2170 Desoto St
Rachal, Jeffery Dewayne, 125 Holland Ln
Robertson, Fay Dean, 2258 Desoto St
Robinson, Jason Dewayne, 123 Remo Rd
Rockwell, Connie Ingram, 241 Z Brister Rd
Roe, Barbara Jone, 131 Earl Roe Rd
Roe, John Earl, 131 Earl Roe Rd
Skerlong, Nicole Rae, 376 Post Mill Rd
Sowell, Lovace Henry, 148 Ella St
Stewart, Betty Lavem, 490 Central Loop
Stoker, Eva Rene, 687 Robert Rawls Loop
Tanner, Wanda Rae, 294 Bennett Rd
Tarver, Thomas Curby, 318 Johnnie Doolittle Rd
Turner, Jesse Allen, 2099 Desoto St
Tynes Jr, Charles Vernon, 5084 Hwy 478
Vascocu, Troy J, 756 Longlois Hill Rd
Woods, Lisa Rene, 240 Station Yard Rd
—— Saline ——
Adkins, Debra Ann, 3585 Hwy 156
Adkins, Felton, 183 Jeff Franks Rd
Anderson, Melinda Ariel, 276 Collie Loop
Anderson, Stephen Matthew, 276 Collie Loop
Bamburg, Nicole Catherine, 800 Weaver Cemetery Rd
Bandaries, David Brandon, 3165 Hwy 156
Bandaries, Deanna D, 3165 Hwy 156
Barbo, Amber Jade Treidel, 3213 Hwy 153
Blank, Jeremy Paul, 2563 Government Rd
Cheatwood, Autym Nichole, 2559 Government Rd
Drouant, Theresa Ann, 676 Five Forks Rd
Ewing, Lashuanna Gail, 351 Albert Scallion Rd
Franklin, Loretta R, 5775 Hwy 9
Fredericks, Judith Ann, 5779 Hwy 9
Friday, Belinda Cedars, 1011 Weaver Cemetery Rd
Friday, Chayton Matthew, 125 Alma Thomas Rd
Graves, Tanya Lenae Scallion, 3152 Hwy 156
Lloyd, Alvin Roy, 187 Loyd Rd
Lloyd, Judy Friday, 187 Loyd Rd
Lloyd, Micah L, 187 Loyd Rd
Lloyd, Sam Wade, 187 Loyd Rd
Lowring, Terry L, 132 Lee Godwin Rd
Mathews, Christian Lynn Beason, 1785 Five Forks Rd
Mathews, Jade K, 1785 Five Forks Rd
McManus, Julia De’lynn, 5533 Hwy 9
McWhorter, Jamie Leigh Ann, 223 J O Conlay Rd
Procell, Brittany Lee, 2563 Government Rd
Sallee, Heather Wynette, 376 Herbert Trichel Rd
Simonds, Waycee Michael, 676 Five Forks Rd
Wafer, Laura Leigh, 359 Calvin Tyler Rd
Wells, Christopher J, 134 Collie Loop
Williams, Trevis Lynn, 1992 Morgan Quick Rd