NPSO arrests for July 27-Aug. 5


July 27-Aug. 5.

Rosalind Brown, 35 (bf), contempt of court

Motel 6

Oscar Moody, 41 (bm), domestic abuse battery, resisting an officer, and contempt of court

Ron Farley, 46 (bm), simple battery

Thaddus Hall, 41 (bm), improper lane usage and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

Brandy Corbin, 38 (wf), principal to simple burglary

William Hayes, 55 (bm), contempt of court

Crystal Lewis, 26 (bf), contempt of court

Brandon Coleman, 32 (wm), contempt of court

James Smith Jr., 21 (bm), possession of schedule I

Brooklyn Leblanc, 21 (bf), possession of schedule I

Charles Garcia, 27 (bm), possession of schedule I

Alvin Holden Jr., 21 (bm), contempt of court

Derrick Edmond, 52 (bm), driving under the influence and right to center

Terry Byone, 40 (bm), driving under the influence and driving left of center

Sheena Armstrong, 35 (bf), contempt of court

Jontavious Marshall

•Jontavious Marshall, 18 (bm), aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

Deion Savoy, 24 (bm), aggravated 2nd degree battery


•Steven Edwards, 31 (wm), contempt of court

Jason Batiste, 18 (bm), second degree battery, simple criminal damage to property, simple battery, and resisting an officer

Marcus Sowell Jr., 19 (bm), contempt of court

Jordan Brooks, 19 (wm), minor in possession and modified exhaust

Gary Tatterson Jr., 26 (wm), simple criminal damage to property

Lysheila Marshall, 45 (bf), contempt of court Travis Lafleur, 31 (bm), possession of schedule I

Billy Bledsoe, 42 (wm), possession of schedule II

Matt Fisher, 51 (wm), driving under the influence, driving on right side, expired inspection sticker and hit and run

Kamorta Frazier, 27 (bm), contempt of court

Jamar Payton

•Jamar Payton, 30 (bm), contempt of court

Chadreck Carter, 33 (bm), possession of schedule II

Alexis Bolden, 25 (bf), contempt of court


•Rico Revels Jr., 20 (bm), contempt of court

Ambrose LaCour Jr., 38 (bm), issuing worthless checks

Ben Colbert, 56 (bm), simple battery

Shanikka Holmes, 37 (bf), contempt of court