History Made


By Juanice Gray, jgray@natchitochestimes.com

“The residents of Natchitoches are concerned about several issues facing our city. These issues include but are not limited to solving and preventing murders, creating positive opportunities for our youth, bringing jobs that pay a livable wage, fostering fairness at every level of local government and having a mayor who is fiscally responsible.” Mayor-Elect Ronnie Williams provided this comment during his campaign.

Williams was elected Saturday, Aug. 15 by a margin of 241 votes, 2,834 to 2,593, over incumbent Lee Posey, whom has served two terms. Approximately 49.4 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. The 2020 election for mayor and council made history with the first African-American and the first woman, Betty Smith, as Councilwoman-at-Large followed by Williams as the first African-American mayor of the City of Natchitoches. He is also one of, if not the youngest mayors.

Williams is a teacher and coach at Red River High School. “I have taught social studies for 12 years and served as pastor of Rockford Baptist Church for the last seven years,” he said. He is married to Tiffany Oyelowo Williams. “We have three children, Micah, Ronnie III and Maesie Grace.”

Williams is a 2004 graduate of Natchitoches Central High School and a 2008 graduate of Northwestern State University where he earned a degree in social studies. This is Williams’ first elected office. “I look forward to serving the people of Natchitoches for years to come.”

Williams takes office Aug. 25.

Photos courtesy Ronnie Williams Jr.