CRCNHP reports hurricane damages


Cane River Creole National Historical Park sustained minimal to moderate damage throughout the park due to severe weather associated with Hurricane Laura. The park continues to perform damage assessments within the Oakland and Magnolia plantation units. Currently, the Cane River Creole National Historical Park remains closed due to safety concerns during the stabilization operations.

Oakland Plantation: Roof damage occurred to the square crib, wagon shed and Oakland Store. Lightning protection system on the Oakland Store is damaged. The chimney cap on the Overseer’s House blew off. A corner of the Bottle Garden fence is damaged. The fire suppression riser at the Oakland Store is leaking but has been turned off. The electrical box near Cooks Cabin is damaged. Several large limbs and branches are down throughout the area. Multiple uprooted trees are throughout the park grounds.

Magnolia Plantation: Several large, downed trees along the NPS property line have blown over and are blocking the access road. Damage to fences from failing limbs has occurred. Fire suppression pipe located at the gin barn is leaking and the base of the wood cotton screw press is flooded. Water has been turned off to stop the leak. The north gin barn dormer and east roof ridge cap sustained damage. Several large limbs, branches and uprooted trees are down throughout the park grounds.

Headquarters/Curation: Damage at this facility is minimal Phone, cable and alarm lines were pulled out of the building and are currently on the ground.